ZuluPool - the optimal solution for mining multiple cryptocurrencies

The digital era has provided the opportunity to earn with cryptocurrencies. Mining was initially a profitable direction. While competition and block mining difficulty were low, computational operations could be performed by a single miner on the processor of a single computer.

However, the growing interest in the digital coin industry has complicated mining. To mine a block, the combination of numerous powerful devices is required. Hence, mining pools emerged – technologies for the cooperation of a large number of independent miners. ZuluPool is one of the most efficient and secure pools.

Mergedmining from ZuluPool – boosting the profitability of your mining equipment

The ZuluPool team was formed in 2019. To increase mining profitability and stand out from other pools, a solution was devised – Mergedmining. This term refers to the simultaneous mining of multiple cryptocurrencies without reducing the overall block mining performance.

In other words, ZuluPool allows mining several digital coins simultaneously on one algorithm – SHA-256d. It is based on the principles of mining Dogecoin/Litecoin, mined on the Scrypt algorithm.

On ZuluPool, you can mine the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin SV;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Freecash;
  • Bitcoin Cash Node;
  • DigiByte;
  • Bitcoin Cash ABC.

Regardless of the chosen coin for mining, the miner is also rewarded with HTR tokens. Hathor cryptocurrency is based on a new architecture from scratch, has its own blockchain, and network.

Independence of ZuluPool

ZuluPool is a completely independent pool. Thanks to merged mining, the profitability of altcoins when converted to Bitcoin is higher than when mining on other pools. ZuluPool has its own DATA center and equipment. Therefore, all technical equipment of ZuluPool is set up to ensure the stable operation of the server during collective mining of crypto assets.

Key information about ZuluPool includes:

  • The server and pool are located in Finland, Russia, Netherlands;
  • The data transfer speed on the pool channel is 50 Gbit/s;
  • ZuluPool's mining fee is 5.88%;
  • Modern Mergedmining and ASICBoost options (power consumption reduction function) are implemented on the pool.

To cooperate with the pool or receive technical support, there is a Telegram channel t.me/zulupool, where inquiries can be made.

Payment options from ZuluPool

Working on ZuluPool, a miner can choose one of the payment methods – PPLNS and PPDALN+, each with its own features.

PPDALN+ – payment for mining for the last N shares

Choosing this mode, the income is divided among miners upon detection of a block for the last N shares. All transaction fees are also distributed among miners. Miner profitability may vary, as it depends on mined blocks. When activating multiple cryptocurrencies on a specific instance, computational power is automatically distributed among them. In the PPDALN+ variant, the hashrate is used most productively, leading to good long-term profitability.

PPLNS – payment for the last successful N shares

The PPLNS method involves payments for the number of shares that the miner sends to the pool during mining. It takes into account not only the contribution volume (shares) of each connected participant but also the time of sharing shares with the pool. The final payments may be influenced by when (at what time of day) and how the server finds blocks. In other words, when miners join and leave the pool within 24 hours, payments will differ.

How to withdraw mined digital assets

To increase chances in mining, add computational power with other miners on ZuluPool and receive rewards, you need to join the pool. The joining process is as follows:

  • Go to the ZuluPool channel on Telegram and get connection links;
  • Create a mining account;
  • Add an address for cryptocurrency mining, where rewards will be credited;
  • Configure mining equipment and start working.

To receive payment for mining cryptocurrency, you need to configure the mining address and set thresholds for payouts for each mined cryptocurrency instance to which the miner is connected. Choosing a specific digital coin makes no sense, as the SHA-256d hash algorithm ensures automatic switching between currencies on the backend.

ZuluPool has set minimum thresholds for withdrawing cryptocurrency assets:

  • Bitcoin SV – 0.1 BSV;
  • Bitcoin – 0.001 BTC;
  • Freecash – 1 FCH;
  • Bitcoin Cash Node – 0.1 BCHN;
  • DigiByte – 1 DGB;
  • Bitcoin Cash ABC – 0.1 BCHABC;
  • Hathor – 0.1 HTR.

ZuluPool is an efficient option for merged mining. It allows simultaneously mining multiple coins on the SHA-256d cryptographic algorithm without affecting the parent blockchain. This is an effective method to enhance the security of blockchains with low hashing through a large chain of miners and the possibility of reducing the "51% attack" probability.