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TOP 5 Profitable Devices
Profit (24 h)
1 Bitmain Antminer L9 16 Gh/s Scrypt 17.6 Gh/s 3260 W
-3.050 USD 0.00007163 BTC
2 Caanan Avalon A1566 185 Th/s SHA-256 185 Th/s 3420 W
2.12 USD 0.00015508 BTC
3 Jasminer Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s Ethash 5800 Mh/s 1900 W
6.35 USD 0.00016381 BTC
4 Ibelink IBeLink BM-KS Max 10.5 Th/s kHeavyHash 10.5 Th/s 3400 W
38.02 USD 0.00069352 BTC
5 Iceriver IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s kHeavyHash 12 Th/s 3400 W
44.62 USD 0.00079259 BTC
6 Bitmain Antminer S21 Pro 234 Th/s SHA-256 234 Th/s 3531 W
4.59 USD 0.00019615 BTC

Calculating the profitability of cryptocurrency mining requires taking into account various factors such as initial investment, mining hardware capacity, power consumption, and complexity. This is not an easy task. However, here, you can find tools that make life easier. Considering most of the abovementioned factors, it is a platform that allows you to calculate the profitability of mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Using a mining profitability calculator, you can not only see how much you will earn based on your mining team but also provide details such as the best algorithm for mining cryptocurrencies based on your hash rate, how much the hardware is likely to cost, and how it affects profits and other data that we will analyze in this guide.

How to Use Mining Profitability Calculator Tool?

The algorithm of actions depends on the mining profitability calculator you choose, but in general, it comes down to the following steps:

  • Step 1 - “Windows” opens in front of the user. Under each of them is indicated the monetary unit that will be displayed as the result of the calculation.
  • Step 2 - Enter the amount of BTC or other coins you are interested in in one of the free fields; an equal amount will appear in another window, for example, in dollars.
  • Step 3 - The mechanism also works in the opposite direction: when you enter dollars, Bitcoins will be displayed.

The price of the contents of both fields is the same according to the current BTC/USD ratio. In most cases, each exchange has its crypto mining calculator for Ether and other crypto assets. The conversion rate may differ depending on the selected platform. Modern platforms provide a tool that quickly and easily converts over 100 cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins. All you need to do is correctly configure the exchange process parameters. Exchanges also support new crypto projects, adding them to their list after they appear on the market. Accordingly, the list of cryptocurrencies available for exchange is updated regularly.

Please note that a cross rate may apply for some national currencies if there is no direct exchange. For example, your request involves how much Bitcoin can be purchased in dollars.

The converter will first calculate the BTC/USD pair and convert it into the currency you need.

How to Calculate Crypto Mining Gains/Profit?

A crypto mining calculator can be your best ally in calculating your cryptocurrency mining profitability, as it allows you to get good long-term forecasts. This is very important when investing in equipment. The platform will help you get an average score on mining difficulty and a comparison table of various mining rigs in the market.

Inside, you can find a list of the power and profitability of ASIC miners and video cards or GPUs. However, the values we will see are averages, as software or BIOS modifications can sometimes increase the final hash rate.

However, the platform also makes it easy to manually calculate profit levels. You can determine exactly what the hash rate is and the possible energy consumption of the mining equipment or rig.

The first thing you should consider when calculating profitability, and even more so when trying to calculate return on investment before purchasing mining hardware, is that we are talking about cryptocurrencies, and their exchange prices are usually very volatile, which can completely change our expectations, either for the better or for, the worse.

Should I Reinvest My Crypto Profits?

The value of cryptocurrencies is determined solely by the level of supply and demand, without the intervention of governments or central banks. Trading digital assets is one of the freest forms of trading, ideal territory for those who want to make money on changes in the value of a financial asset.

Cryptocurrencies have experienced an incredible rise that has allowed those who invested early to make incredible amounts of money. Of course, past returns are no guarantee of anything in the future, but a highly volatile instrument like Bitcoin is a great opportunity for those looking to invest professionally.

Crypto coins today are also a popular tool on the platform of any broker, for example, even such an “ancient” one as FinstoneFX, especially if you consider that margin trading allows long and short transactions.

While reinvesting profits from cryptocurrency may seem like a good idea, it is important to note that doing so may put you at risk of losing those profits.

Tips for Investing in Crypto

  • Do your research

Before investing in digital assets, research and understand the technology, market trends, and possible risks. Consider the projects available on the market, their features, and their growth potential.

  • Consider the risks

Market instability, constant price fluctuations, and lack of regulation can lead to losses and security problems, including the actions of fraudsters. Work only with those funds that you are not afraid of losing.

  • Make sure your investment is protected

To do this, you should choose a secure crypto wallet and not share your private keys with others.


In conclusion, the cryptocurrency mining calculator is a tool for any miner and is always updated with the latest data about the ecosystem. Regardless of your level of cryptocurrency mining, the data you will find here will not hinder you. Surprisingly, it allows you to calculate the mining reward and the approximate cost of electricity consumption, which is very important for whether mining is profitable.

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