Mining Profitability Calculator

Suitable equipment
Miner Power
Hashrate Coin Expenses Income
per day
per month
Antminer S19j Pro+ 122Th 3550 122 Th/s btc 8.19 245.7 detailed
Bitmain Antminer E9 PRO 2200 3680 Mh/s etc 8.25 247.5 detailed
Bee Miner LD3 3500 4.8 Gh/s ltc 4.04 121.2 detailed
Avalon Miner A1366 3250 130 Th/s btc 8.73 261.9 detailed
Antminer S19 XP Hyd 3250 255 Th/s btc 17.12 513.6 detailed
Antminer KA3 3154 166 Th/s kda 13.53 405.9 detailed
Whatsminer M50 3306 114 Th/s btc 7.65 229.5 detailed
Whatsminer M50S 3276 126 Th/s btc 8.46 253.8 detailed
Antminer E3 800 180 Mh/s etc 0.40 12 detailed
Antminer E9 2550 3000 Mh/s etc 6.73 201.9 detailed
Jasminer X4 Server 520 MH/s 240 520 Mh/s etc 1.17 35.1 detailed
Jasminer X4 Server 2500 Mh/s 800 180 Mh/s etc 0.40 12 detailed
Avalon A1126 Pro S 3400 68 Th/s bch 4.40 132 detailed
Avalon A1246 83T 3400 83 Th/s bch 5.37 161.1 detailed
Avalon A1246 85T 3420 85 Th/s btc 5.71 171.3 detailed
Avalon A1246 87T 3400 87 Th/s btc 5.84 175.2 detailed
Avalon A1246 90T 3400 90 Th/s btc 6.04 181.2 detailed
Avalon A1246 93T 3400 93 Th/s bch 6.01 180.3 detailed
Avalon A1246 96T 3420 96 Th/s btc 6.45 193.5 detailed
Avalon A1166pro 75T 3400 75 Th/s btc 5.04 151.2 detailed
Avalon A1166pro 78T 3400 81 Th/s btc 5.44 163.2 detailed
Avalon A1166pro 81T 3400 81 Th/s btc 5.44 163.2 detailed
Whatsminer M30S++ 110T 3400 110 Th/s btc 7.39 221.7 detailed
Whatsminer M30S++ 108T 3400 108 Th/s btc 7.25 217.5 detailed
Whatsminer M30S++ 106T 3400 106 Th/s btc 7.12 213.6 detailed
Whatsminer M30S++ 104T 3400 104 Th/s btc 6.98 209.4 detailed
Whatsminer M30S+ 102T 3400 102 Th/s btc 6.85 205.5 detailed
Whatsminer M30S+ 100T 3400 100 Th/s bch 6.47 194.1 detailed
Whatsminer M30S 90T 3600 90 Th/s bch 5.82 174.6 detailed
Whatsminer M30S 86T 3300 86 Th/s btc 5.77 173.1 detailed
Whatsminer M31S 74T 3500 84 Th/s bch 5.43 162.9 detailed
Whatsminer M30S 84T 3268 84 Th/s bch 5.43 162.9 detailed
Whatsminer M31S+ 86T 3400 86 Th/s bch 5.56 166.8 detailed
Whatsminer M31S+ 84T 3360 84 Th/s btc 5.64 169.2 detailed
Whatsminer M31S+ 76T 3490 76 Th/s btc 5.10 153 detailed
Antminer L7 9300M 2080 2.05 Gh/s doge 2.52 75.6 detailed
Antminer L7 9050M 3300 9.05 Gh/s ltc 7.61 228.3 detailed
Antminer S19A Pro 110T 3250 110 Th/s btc 7.39 221.7 detailed
Antminer S19 Pro 110T 3250 110 Th/s btc 7.39 221.7 detailed
Antminer S19J Pro 104T 3068 104 Th/s btc 6.98 209.4 detailed
Antminer S19J Pro 100T 3250 100 Th/s btc 6.71 201.3 detailed
Antminer S19J Pro 96T 3250 96 Th/s btc 6.45 193.5 detailed
Antminer S19 95T 3250 95 Th/s btc 6.38 191.4 detailed
Antminer S19J Pro 92T 3250 92 Th/s btc 6.18 185.4 detailed
Antminer S19 90T 3250 90 Th/s btc 6.04 181.2 detailed
Antminer S19 82T 3240 82 Th/s btc 5.51 165.3 detailed
iBeLink™ DSM6T 2100 6 Th/s dcr 0.33 9.9 detailed
iBeLink™ DSM7T 2100 7 Th/s dcr 0.39 11.7 detailed
Antminer DR3 1410 7.8 Th/s dcr 0.43 12.9 detailed
Antminer DR5 1610 35 Th/s dcr 1.94 58.2 detailed
Ebit E12+ 2500 50 Th/s bch 3.23 96.9 detailed
Antminer S17 Pro (50T) 1975 50 Th/s bch 3.23 96.9 detailed
INNOSILICON T3+ Miner 3300 57 Th/s bch 3.69 110.7 detailed
Antminer T17+ (55T) 2750 55 Th/s bch 3.56 106.8 detailed
Antminer S17 Pro 2094 53 Th/s bch 3.43 102.9 detailed
Avalon 1146 Pro 3276 63 Th/s bch 4.08 122.4 detailed
Whatsminer M20S (62T) 2976 62 Th/s bch 4.01 120.3 detailed
Antminer D3 970 17 Gh/s dash 0.12 3.6 detailed
INNOSILICON A5 750 32.5 Gh/s dash 0.24 7.2 detailed
Antminer D5 1566 119 Gh/s dash 0.87 26.1 detailed
Spondoolies SPx36 4400 540 Gh/s dash 3.94 118.2 detailed
FusionSilicon X7 1300 262 Gh/s dash 1.91 57.3 detailed
StrongU STU-U6 2100 440 Gh/s dash 3.21 96.3 detailed
Antminer D7 3148 1289 Gh/s dash 9.39 281.7 detailed
Antminer Z9 Mini 300 10 kh/s zec 0.09 2.7 detailed
Antminer Z9 1150 42 kh/s zec 0.38 11.4 detailed
INNOSILICON A9++ 1550 140 kh/s zec 1.25 37.5 detailed
ASICminer Zeon 180K 2200 180 kh/s zec 1.61 48.3 detailed
Antminer Z11 1418 135 kh/s zec 1.21 36.3 detailed
Antminer Z15 1510 420 kh/s zec 3.75 112.5 detailed
INNOSILICON A10 (485M) 850 485 Mh/s eth 0 0 detailed
INNOSILICON A10 Pro (720M) 1330 720 Mh/s eth 0 0 detailed
INNOSILICON A10 Pro+ (750M) 1350 750 Mh/s eth 0 0 detailed
Lemons L6 2100 1700 Mh/s eth 0 0 detailed
ETH-POWER 2300 240 Mh/s eth 0 0 detailed
BW L21 950 0.55 Gh/s ltc 0.46 13.8 detailed
Goldshell Mini-DOGE 233 0.18 Gh/s ltc 0.15 4.5 detailed
Antminer L3++ 942 0.58 Gh/s ltc 0.49 14.7 detailed
Innosilicon A4+ LTCMaster 750 0.62 Gh/s doge 0.76 22.8 detailed
Goldshell X5 1450 0.85 Gh/s doge 1.05 31.5 detailed
FusionSilicon X6 1160 0.86 Gh/s doge 1.06 31.8 detailed
Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster 1500 1.23 Gh/s doge 1.51 45.3 detailed
Goldshell XS6 2250 1.78 Gh/s ltc 1.50 45 detailed
Goldshell LT5 2080 2.05 Gh/s ltc 1.72 51.6 detailed
Goldshell LT5 Pro 3100 2.46 Gh/s ltc 2.07 62.1 detailed
Antminer L7 3425 9.5 Gh/s ltc 7.99 239.7 detailed
Antminer S17e 2880 64 Th/s btc 4.30 129 detailed
Antminer S17+ 2920 73 Th/s btc 4.90 147 detailed
Avalon 1166 Pro 3400 81 Th/s btc 5.44 163.2 detailed
Antminer T19 3150 84 Th/s btc 5.64 169.2 detailed
Whatsminer M30S 3344 88 Th/s btc 5.91 177.3 detailed
Avalon A1246 3420 90 Th/s btc 6.04 181.2 detailed
Antminer S19 3250 96 Th/s btc 6.45 193.5 detailed
Antminer S19 XP 3010 140 Th/s btc 9.40 282 detailed

The asic mining profitability calculator is the easiest and most effective way to calculate the profitability of a job. High volatility, changing trends, and market sentiment affect the value of the coin, as well as the different prices of electricity, these are very dynamic, but at the same time important parameters that can make cryptocurrency mining either profitable or not. Moreover, these are far from all indicators there are many more.

Using a mining calculator, you can easily calculate the "here and now" mode and thus reduce the risks of inefficient operation. The system solves the equation according to the data entered, and as a result, you can immediately see how much you can earn, as well as track the number of coins received and energy costs.

Generally, starting the mining process and keeping it running requires an investment. A mining profitability calculator can help you avoid unnecessary costs and understand which activities will help you make the most profit. Let's take a look at which elements have the most impact and understand how an online mining calculator works.


Perhaps the most important parameter, which means the speed of your device. The process of mining requires complex calculations that result in a block being mined. The higher the hash rate, the more blocks your hardware can mine, as more attempts will be made in one second.

This parameter is entered in different variants: KH/s, MH/s, and NH/s.

Cryptocurrency value

The miner chooses which cryptocurrency he will mine, so the cost of the coin directly affects the efficiency of the whole process: you will eventually get a profit or not. If a coin is growing or is already expensive, it is much more efficient to work with it.

To calculate on a mining calculator, you need to enter the value. Usually in U.S. dollars, but some automatically pull actual data from the network.

Level of Difficulty

The difficulty level of the network displays the difficulty of finding a new block. It is not a static indicator, as it is systematically corrected. As a result, block computation is performed at an average speed.

The size of the reward per block

The miner solves the block to get the reward. This is not just an incentive, but also a parameter that is added as the first transaction. To keep the value of the coin stable, the size of the reward is halved every few years.

For example, for BTC, this figure is 6.25 bitcoins per block and becomes smaller by half every 4 years. Now the situation is such that it's almost impossible to mine expensive coins, especially BTCs, by yourself. That's why miners unite in pools. It's easier to do there, but the reward will have to be shared between all the participants. In addition, some of the pools charge commissions.

The cost of participating in a pool

As a rule, working in a pool greatly increases the likelihood of finding a block and receiving compensation. It's better to choose a large pool since you can search for a block for years and never achieve your goal.

Sometimes a commission is charged for participating in the pool. As a rule, it is a small percentage, which goes into the development of the pool and the maintenance of a loyal community. Nevertheless, it is also a cost, which is important to consider to understand the efficiency of the process.

Energy consumption

The mining process is quite technically complex, so a large amount of energy is needed to operate. Especially when it comes to farms, the electricity consumption can reach colossal amounts.

The power source needs to run 24/7 to keep the process running. Power consumption levels are measured in watts and are often critical in determining whether or not a process will be profitable.

 Price of Electricity

This metric is inextricably linked to the previous one and is so important in operation that it can easily make cryptocurrency mining unprofitable if it rises seriously. However, it is fair to say that not everywhere is the price of resources critically high. For example, renewable energy sources make the process much cheaper and help make more money.

Other parameters

All of the above are not all the parameters that miners have to deal with and which affect the work. There are others, such as ventilation, equipment maintenance, and so on. The more parameters there are, the more correct calculation results you can count on.

There is another important point: almost all indicators are extremely volatile, so it is worth paying attention to their actual size to get correct calculations.

The size of the profitability

Having decided on the basic criteria, you can deal with what exactly has a key impact on the size of the profits.

First of all, it is about the equipment. This is where the work starts, and on what the size of the necessary investments at the first stage depends.

If earlier it was quite possible to afford mining cryptocurrencies with the help of video cards, at this stage GPUs already practically stop working, not showing the necessary level of power. Compared to GPUs, asic miners are much more powerful and reliable, as well as specifically tuned to mine cryptocurrencies. However, it is important to remember that the cost of buying such equipment can be quite high. Especially if you need to use more than one piece of equipment. In this regard, it must take time for the investment to pay off.

Therefore, the online mining profitability calculator can be of great help and calculate how long the payback process will take. And the miner will draw conclusions based on these calculations.

As mentioned above, most of the parameters are not constant. The cryptocurrency market is extremely dynamic and volatile, so making control with a mining calculator is necessary constantly. The amount of remuneration is decreasing, and the price of the coin and its supply and demand is also changing regularly. All of this has an impact on the cost and the profitability of the miner's bottom line.

The asic mining profitability calculator will help you to always stay informed and clearly understand how efficient the work is at the moment so that you can make the necessary decisions promptly.

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