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TOP 5 Profitable Devices
Profit (24 h)
1 Bitmain Antminer L7 8800 Mh/s Scrypt 8.8 Gh/s 3168 W
3.71 USD 0.00029928 BTC
2 Bitmain Bee Miner LD3 4,8 Gh/s Scrypt 4.8 Gh/s 4800 W
-5.370 USD 0.00016254 BTC
3 Bitmain Antminer L7 9300 Mh/s Scrypt 9.3 Gh/s 3348 W
3.87 USD 0.00031492 BTC
4 Bitmain Antminer L7 9050 Мh/s Scrypt 9.05 Gh/s 3258 W
3.77 USD 0.00030645 BTC
5 Innosilicon Innosilicon A4+ LTCMaster 0.62 Gh/s Scrypt 0.62 Gh/s 750 W
-1.010 USD 0.00002099 BTC
6 Goldshell Goldshell X5 0.85 Gh/s Scrypt 0.85 Gh/s 990 W
-1.290 USD 0.00002878 BTC
7 FusionSilicon FusionSilicon X6 0.86 Gh/s Scrypt 0.86 Gh/s 1079 W
-1.490 USD 0.00002912 BTC
8 Innosilicon Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster 1.23 Gh/s Scrypt 1.23 Gh/s 1500 W
-2.020 USD 0.00004165 BTC
9 Bitmain Antminer L7 9500 Mh/s Scrypt 9.5 Gh/s 3420 W
4.02 USD 0.00032323 BTC

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that originated from a funny Doge meme depicting a Shiba Inu dog with a sarcastic smile. Despite its comical origin, Dogecoin has become a serious cryptocurrency with a high value.

Doge (Dogecoin) Yield Calculator by Ultramining

Ultramining's Doge (Dogecoin) Yield Calculator is a useful tool for estimating the potential profit from Dogecoin mining. This calculator takes into account several key parameters that affect your profit when mining Dogecoin.


  • Ease of use. The calculator is easy to use and it allows you to quickly estimate your estimated profit from Dogecoin mining.
  • Accuracy. The calculator uses up-to-date data on the difficulty of Dogecoin mining and the current price of Dogecoin, providing accurate results.
  • Multifunctionality. You can customize the calculator to account for different parameters, allowing you to get an idea of potential profits under different conditions.


  • Does not account for equipment maintenance costs. Dogecoin mining requires regular maintenance, which may entail additional costs that the calculator does not take into account.
  • Does not take into account the exchange commission. When selling mined Dogecoin on an exchange, you must pay a commission to the exchange, which can also affect your profits.

Recommendations for using the calculator

To get more accurate results, you should consider the following factors when using the calculator:

  1. Use up-to-date data on the difficulty of Dogecoin mining and the current price of Dogecoin.
  2. Calculate the cost of mining, including the cost of equipment, electricity, and equipment maintenance.
  3. Take into account the pool commission and exchange commission.

These guidelines will help you get a more accurate estimate of the potential profit from Dogecoin mining.

Additional recommendations

  1. Consider statistical data. To better understand how changes in mining difficulty and Dogecoin price can affect your profits, review your profitability history.
  2. Consider the risks. Dogecoin mining is a risky endeavor, as the price of Dogecoin can fluctuate significantly.

How to use the Dogecoin calculator?

Before you start calculating the yield, you need to decide on the model of the asic you plan to use for Dogecoin mining. The exact model of the miner will affect the hash rate, power consumption and, therefore, the final profitability of mining.

Setting up the calculator

  • Electricity price. Set the current price of electricity in your region. This is an important parameter, as Dogecoin mining requires significant power consumption.

Calculating Dogecoin yield

Once you have set all the necessary parameters, click on "Calculate Yield." The calculator will provide you with the projected profitability of Dogecoin mining based on the selected parameters. Keep in mind that this is just a prediction and the actual profitability may vary depending on changes in the price of Dogecoin, difficulty of mining and other factors.

General conclusion

Ultramining's Doge (Dogecoin) Yield Calculator is a useful tool for estimating the potential profit from Dogecoin mining. It has a simple interface and provides the ability to take various factors into account. However, keep in mind that the final profit may differ from the prediction and it is important to consider all factors affecting the mining. Dogecoin mining is a risky venture and all risks and costs should be carefully considered before making a decision.

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