DOGE profitability calculator

Profitability calculation
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit
Suitable equipment
Miner Power
Hashrate Coin Expenses Income
per day
per month
Antminer L7 9300M 2080 2.05 Gh/s doge 2.58 77.4 detailed
Innosilicon A4+ LTCMaster 750 0.62 Gh/s doge 0.78 23.4 detailed
Goldshell X5 1450 0.85 Gh/s doge 1.07 32.1 detailed
FusionSilicon X6 1160 0.86 Gh/s doge 1.08 32.4 detailed
Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster 1500 1.23 Gh/s doge 1.55 46.5 detailed

The Dogecoin calculator will help you to get objective information about mining this virtual coin.

The final total is calculated based on some parameters:

  • electricity price;
  • hash rate;
  • energy consumption;
  • The commission of the pool (if, of course, you use it for mining).

On the Dogecoin yield calculator page, you can find information about the appropriate equipment needed to mine DOGE.

You can always calculate the difficulty and other parameters related to Doge mining at

The complexity of Dogecoin cryptocurrency farming is constantly changing. Therefore, it is difficult to predict all the nuances associated with mining this virtual coin for a long period.

Profitability Calculation" column

Ultramining specialists are constantly updating up-to-date information related to the Dogecoin yield calculator. Therefore, you only get an objective result when you enter the parameters required for the calculation into the table.

Specify the electricity price you know, the hash rate of the device, and its approximate power consumption. If you are mining through a pool, then you should enter the approximate fee that the service charges.

Other aspects

Our DOGE mining calculator allows you to quickly and easily see the profitability of Dogecoin mining based on hash rate, energy consumption, and costs. The default input data is pre-loaded with the latest Dogecoin difficulty target and the hash rate of mining this virtual coin.

The latest version of the Dogecoin mining calculator allows you to quickly and easily calculate the profit by changing the mining hash rate values or choosing one of the hardware devices to farm DOGE.

Recall that this virtual coin's mining information is constantly updated with current block information. It is used as the default input data for the DOGE mining calculator along with the default hash rate and power specifications.

Using this information and our internal hash rate calculator, you can calculate your DOGE mining profit, providing valuable and strategic profitability information, and allowing you as a miner to make more informed decisions about Dogecoin mining.

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