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TOP 5 Profitable Devices
Profit (24 h)
1 Jasminer Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s Ethash 5800 Mh/s 1900 W
11.14 USD 0.00023450 BTC
2 Jasminer Jasminer X4-C 1U-450 Mh/s Ethash 450 Mh/s 250 W
0.620 USD 0.00001819 BTC
3 Jasminer Jasminer X4-1U-520 Mh/s Ethash 520 Mh/s 240 W
0.830 USD 0.00002102 BTC
4 Jasminer Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s Ethash 1000 Mh/s 380 W
1.80 USD 0.00004043 BTC
5 Jasminer Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s Ethash 840 Mh/s 340 W
1.46 USD 0.00003396 BTC
6 Jasminer Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s Ethash 1950 Mh/s 630 W
3.77 USD 0.00007884 BTC

The ETC mining profitability calculator will allow you to calculate, down to the penny, how much electricity the farm will need, depending on the power. This means you can plan your budget to avoid missing a profitable moment. Another plus is the ability to estimate accurately what benefits the farm owner will receive from purchasing this or that equipment.

What is the Ethereum Profitability Calculator?

The Ethereum profit calculator lets you calculate your earnings/failures using cryptocurrency! Whether you're dreaming of enormous profits or attempting to calculate the profits from past investments, the free Ethereum profit calculator can help you.

Why it's better to Use a Calculator?

Benefits of using a ETC Mining Calculator:

  • using a calculator, you can calculate the efficiency of a farm in a specific period of time;
  • calculate how much income the purchase of new equipment will bring in a certain period of time;
  • you can calculate the efficiency of each type of equipment, even if the farms are located in different places.

How to Use a Ethereum Mining Calculator

Using a special formula, you enter data about the power of the video card, the amount of available memory, etc. The program independently calculates the amount of profit received from each unit of power and displays the result. To get information on other devices, you need to open the "Equipment" tab and enter the appropriate values.

Mining Ethereum profitability calculators are very popular among video card owners since they are considered the most popular. They help evaluate the effectiveness of a particular equipment using simple mathematical calculations.

Analyze the Results

ETC profitability calculator will help you quickly navigate cryptocurrency mining and assess your farm's potential. I would like to note right away that no one can guarantee 100% accuracy of the result. Cryptocurrencies are a rapidly changing ecosystem, so daily profitability calculations must be done.

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