Best mining pools for Kaspa (KAS)

# kHeavyHash Pool Fee Hashrate Blocks
in last
Last Found
  • PPLNS 1 %
91.87 Ph/s - 80366254
22 hours
9.05 Ph/s 1
8 minutes
1.35 Ph/s 3
8 months 2 weeks 2 days
  • PPS+
4.49 Ph/s - -
  • SOLO 0.9 %
  • PPLNS 0.9 %
1.14 Ph/s - 80446213
10 minutes
  • SOLO 1 %
  • PPLNS 2 %
  • PPS+ 4 %
19.70 Ph/s 2
8 minutes
  • PPS+ 1 %
917.82 Th/s - 80446378
7 minutes
  • PPLNS 1 %
6.72 Ph/s - 80445685
19 minutes
  • PPS NA %
  • PPLNS 1 %
19.08 Th/s - 80430908
4 hours
  • PPS+
24.18 Th/s - -
1.46 Gh/s - 76656877
1 month 2 weeks 1 day
53.93 Th/s - 80445610
21 minutes
  • SOLO 1.99 %
  • PPLNS 1.99 %
  • FPPS 4.99 %
- - -

Kaspa is a general term representing a complex system with many features and aspects. But at its core, Kaspa is implementing the GHOSTDAG protocol, first formulated by Jonathan Sompolinski and Aviv Zohar in 2016.

Kaspa was developed by research and development company DAGLabs, thanks to investment from PolyChain. At the same time, Kaspa is a community task, fully open source, without centralized management, and a business model.

Kaspa (KAS) is an exciting crypto project that has largely flown under the radar, but recently, it is starting to gain some well-deserved interest. KAS is a proof-of-work crypto that implements the GHOSTDAG protocol. This protocol does not divide unions developed in parallel but permits them to coexist and order them based on consensus. This conception of the Nakamoto consensus ensures secure operation while maintaining a very high block rate (currently one block per second, target 32 blocks per second, with a vision of 100 blocks per second) and minimal confirmation times, dominated by Internet latency.

How does Kaspa mining work?

You can use GPUs to mine Kaspa. Users can:

  • use kaspa pool mining;
  • take advantage of effective single cryptocurrency mining;
  • perform double mining.

To set up mining, you need to go through several steps:

  1. Creating a crypto storage and obtaining an address.
  2. Download a mining program that supports Kaspa.
  3. Selecting a kaspa mining pool and setting it up.
  4. Connecting equipment to the software and mining platform.

After this, automatic mining of the crypto asset will begin; no additional settings are needed.

Network complexity calculation

The complexity of the network shows what difficulties arise when calculating a block in cryptocurrency mining. It is estimated for tokens that use Proof-of-Work transaction consensus.

Theoretically, complexity can be calculated using the formula:

However, with modern computing power, it is better to use the following resources:

  • 2miners;
  • 2cryptocalc;
  • woolypooly;
  • whattomine etc.

Kaspa mining pools

You need to use a lot of computing power to mine digital assets. The larger they are, the greater the chances of finding a block. The reward will be received by the one who completes this first. To increase the probability of winning, miners join into pools. Because they participate in them, a certain remuneration is paid to the organizers.

The advantages of the kaspa pool are presented:

  • reducing the cost of maintaining a farm;
  • increasing the likelihood that the problem will be successfully solved;
  • reduction of requirements for the equipment used.

Participants do not need to know all the technical conditions required for mining. Processes happen automatically.

The following pools are used for Kaspa:

  • WoolyPooly. The pool brings together more than 24,000 participants. The minimum payment amount is 100 KAS. The pool commission is 0.9 percent. Participants ne Ethereum at the same time as Caspa.

  • HumPool. The pool's profitability is 0.008 coins per day per participant. You can withdraw from 100 coins. Pool commission – 1 percent. The pool has a depo the and MEXC exchanges.

  • Kaspa Pool. The community is official. There are currently more than 2,000 registered participants. Kaspa Pool mining works with the SOLO and PRLNS bostems. The commission is 0.75 percent. The minimum payout is 50 coins.

  • F2Pool. Each participant receives 0.2816 KAS daily. The pool commission is 1 percent. To mine with Nvidia and AMD video cards, you will need to download lMiner application.

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