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Rating of best mining pools

Bitcoin $20 049.21 -0.62%
Ethereum $1 358.22 -0.16%
Dogecoin $0.063957 -1.3%
Litecoin $54.03 -0.8%

Mining pools occurrence

When the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, just occurred, it was possible to mine it with an ordinary computer without entering bitcoin mining pools. As power demands increased, video cards or GPU appeared, and then ASICs.

This process was developing actively and еven new devices have become insufficient for the growing number of miners. Also, should remember that complexity was rising too, leading to the impossibility of getting a block by our own efforts.

As a result, miners united their capacities because it was much easier to get blocks together. They decided to divide their income among all participants. That's how crypto mining pools came into existence. Finding the best crypto mining pools for cryptocurrencies can help miners to receive more money.

The pool – is a union of all miners’ hardware capacity for increasing the probability of finding a new block. The reward for each mined block is distributed among all participants of these crypto mining pools.


Before the document is finally adopted, it will be considered by the European Parliament. It is tentatively scheduled for the tenth of this month. Coordination of the document's provisions took place at the level of the Council of Europe. The legal act is aimed at regulating the production of virtual coins in the EU. According to the Internet ...

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Bitcoin miners earned a total of $551 million in August, according to information reports provided by That's down 19 percent from the previous month.Also other fina...

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Riot, a Texas-based BTC miner, not only recorded a 16.7% increase in hashrate but also intends to expand its facility, based in Winstone. The Riot also sold 300 BTC. According...

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YPF Luz is an electricity company from Argentina. It is part of a large state-owned oil mining corporation, YPF. "Subsidiary" has implemented a pilot project that aims to mine v...

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The Russian Federation has not yet developed legal acts that allow to legally engage in mining and freely perform transactions in crypto. Nevertheless, cross-border settlements ...

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The company's office will be closed in Moscow in October. Such a decision is based on the lack of possibility to continue profitable work. At last year's end, the company had 300 people working in its Russian office. For now, the number declined by 240, most of them engineers. In the summer, companies from Russia lost the opportunity to renew ...

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How to earn with a pool and what to choose

Miners’ capacities plug into a wallet and their reward is paid off according to the set rules. A pool’s owner earns a fee from mined coins. As a rule, it is between 1% and 5%.
Choosing the pool you should get into account further characteristics:
  • Functionality and location (check the usability of a platform, technical characteristics, and the level of security);
  • Available cryptocurrencies;
  • Types of miners’ rewards: PPS, PPS+, PPLNS, FPPS, PROP;
  • Demands to capacity because as a rule, it impacts the level of payments
  • Fees (more often they are from 1% to 5%);
  • Ping (the velocity of the pool’s answer): a good result is less than 100 ms.

Use our service for profitability calculation.

TOP-10 the most profitable coins

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Dogecoin
  4. Litecoin
  5. Bitcoin Cash
  6. Ethereum Classic
  7. Monero
  8. Arweave
  9. Bitcoin SV
  10. Zcash
There are more than 100 mining pools that exist today. They support about 20 coins. For choosing the best mining pools for cryptocurrencies choose the token you need on our website and you’ll see available pools. You can find what suits your hardware capacities and demands.
In this case, capacity has a key value, and the higher is the better because it increases the probability of finding a block.