Antminer S21 Pro 234 Th/s

Antminer S21 Pro 234 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 234 Th/s
  • Energy
    3531 W
Profitability calculation Antminer S21 Pro 234 Th/s
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Cryptocurrency has taken an important place in the lives of modern people. The process of computing the reality of cryptocurrency transactions is called mining. The participants of this process are miners and they often compete with each other to get the best results.

An effective novelty that completely changes the process of mining is the Antminer S21 Pro asic. Those who have already worked with this equipment can never go back to the old versions of miners.

Features of Antminer S21 Pro 234 TH/s

Antminer S21 Pro is an improved version of Antminer S21. The developer is the company Bitmain, which is quite popular in the field of mining. The equipment is equipped with a hash rate of a maximum of 234 TH/s, and the power consumption is only 3531 watts.

Bitmain is considered to be the largest manufacturer of mining equipment around the world. The company was established in Beijing back in 2013, and since then it has been actively developing, producing high-quality and efficient equipment that is appreciated by miners. In September, the company held the release of new Antminer S21 and S21 Pro series asics. The presented devices have improved cooling (some models have 3-4 coolers instead of the standard two) and are the first in their class to have energy efficiency of less than 20 J/TH.

If we compare the Pro version and the previous one, the manufacturers of Antminer S21 Pro have increased the efficiency up to 40%, currently the figure is 15 J/TH. Also, the manufacturers have added advanced 5nm chips that ensure the performance. Since the manufacturer Bitmain cares about its customers and actively responds to user comments, the range of asics is regularly updated, in parallel improving the technical characteristics.

This also applies to the Antminer S21 Pro asiq. At the heart of the work is the SHA-256 algorithm, it has slightly expanded the list of cryptocurrency that can be mined. Now it is not only Bitcoin, but also several of its "followers".

With its high power (3531 watts), the miner can easily compete with other users within the same blockchain and mine to the maximum of cryptocurrency.

With minimal power consumption, the equipment has maximum efficiency and is considered one of the best miner models. The Asik is suitable for both amateur miners and professional crypto hunters.

Bitmain representatives claim that the equipment is able to work in more difficult conditions than previous models. For example, power fluctuations or sudden blackouts will not affect the performance of the equipment in any way.

The manufacturer made the release of the new model in March 2024, and the miner can be purchased from July 2024. The cost at the moment is unknown, presumably, the asic will cost at least $4.5 thousand per unit. The specifications of Antminer S21 Pro are better than the previous Antminer S21 model. 

The equipment is air-cooled and is cooled by five powerful coolers during operation. As for noise, the equipment emits a sound of 76 decibels at full operation.

Special attention should be paid to the warranty from the manufacturer. It is recommended to buy the equipment directly from the manufacturing company. Only in this case, the warranty period from the manufacturer will be valid.

The warranty is six months (180 days) from the date of shipment. Bitmain and their representatives in other countries assume full responsibility for shipping costs if a replacement unit is shipped (subject to the validity of the warranty).

If the equipment is used for purposes other than mining, not in accordance with the instruction manual, and provided that the miner made the settings of the device himself, the manufacturer will not make a replacement.

Antminer S21 Pro Asic yield 234 TH/s

It is impossible to give an exact amount of yield of Antminer S21 Pro. This figure can be influenced by several factors, among them:

  • Internet connection speed;
  • The exchange rate of the cryptocurrency being mined;
  • Electricity tariffs;
  • Hashrate (in this case, 234 TH/s);
  • The number of competitors that are mining within the same blockchain.

An equally important factor is the availability of the room where the equipment will be placed. It is worth remembering that the Antminer S21 Pro makes a fair amount of noise during mining (76 decibels), so placing the asic in a neighbouring room, such as a bedroom, would not be the best solution.

If there is a basement or warehouse, the miner can be installed there. If you need to rent a separate room, you should take into account the additional costs.

Antminer S21 Pro 234 TH/s calculator

A mining calculator is a special calculation tool that allows you to determine the profitability for a certain period of time, taking into account all the main factors of influence.

There are a lot of calculators on the web now, which differ in parameters and performance, but they all work on the same principle.

Using the calculator is simple: you need to fill in the appropriate fields and get the result.

Let's take a closer look at the example of Antminer S21 Pro with electricity rates in the centre of Moscow:

  • Hashrate - 234 TH/s;
  • Power - 3531 W;
  • Currency - dollar;
  • Crypto - Bitcoin;
  • Electricity tariff - $0.069.

As a result, we get the following profitability:

  • For 1 hour - $0.73;
  • For 24 hours - $17.48;
  • For a week - $130.5.

In addition, if you compare the profitability of a miner sitting in the centre of a metropolis and a miner somewhere in a small town, the latter will earn more, as electricity rates will be lower.

If you are a novice miner, it is better to take advice on how to use a calculator. In addition, the calculation tool displays approximate data, so it is better for the miner to keep records of profitability and expenses for the desired period (week or month).

Antminer S21 Pro 234 TH/s consumption

The Antminer S21 Pro asiq has a slightly higher power consumption than its predecessors at 3,531 watts. At the moment, the equipment is the most powerful and efficient among those that will go on sale.

The manufacturer has taken into account the wishes of users regarding the improvement of efficiency, so it has accommodated the maximum power (3531 watts) and energy efficiency (15.0 J/TH) in a small unit. The miner will be able to increase profitability, even if electricity tariffs increase.

It is worth considering that just putting the equipment in the room is not enough, even though the asic is compact and roomy.

First of all, you need to prepare the room. The best option will be a room that is not included in the list of residential (the equipment makes a lot of noise when working and will interfere with people). An obligatory condition will be the presence of ventilation in the room.

Next, you need to connect the miner to the network and switch it on, followed by configuration, which consists of several steps:

  • Obtaining information about the IP address of the miner;
  • Enter login and password in the settings;
  • Write all pools (in case one pool goes offline, the miner will automatically switch to another one).

Setup takes a little time, so in an hour or two after installation and setup you can start mining.

Profitability directly depends on the time spent on setting up the miner. At least because the cryptocurrency exchange rate can skyrocket in a matter of minutes or fall, which will affect earnings.

Manufacturer: Bitmain;

Model: Antminer S21 Pro;

Types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Kash, Bitcoin CB;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Hashrate: 234 TH/s;

Energy efficiency: 15 (plus or minus 5%);

Power: Power supply;

Power consumption: 3531 watts (plus or minus 5%);

AC input voltage: 200-240 volts;

Input frequencies (range): 47-63 hertz;

Current draw: 20 amps;

Network connection: Ethernet 10.100 M;

Operating temperature range: 0 to 40 degrees centigrade;

Storage temperature range: -20 to +70 degrees Celsius;

Acceptable humidity: 10-90%;

Permissible working altitude range: maximum 2000 m;

Dimensions with packaging: 570 mm x 316 mm x 430 mm;

Dimensions without packaging: 400 mm x 195.5 mm x 290 mm;

GVW: 16kg;

Net Weight: 14.2kg;

Warranty period: 180 days from the date of purchase.

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