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TOP 5 Profitable Devices
Profit (24 h)
1 Whatsminer M66S 270Th/s SHA-256 270 Th/s 5513 W
0.660 USD 0.00021121 BTC
2 Whatsminer M66 240 Th/s SHA-256 240 Th/s 5572 W
-1.020 USD 0.00018774 BTC
3 Whatsminer M63S 360 Th/s SHA-256 360 Th/s 7215 W
1.21 USD 0.00028161 BTC
4 Whatsminer M63 334 Th/s SHA-256 334 Th/s 6646 W
1.24 USD 0.00026127 BTC
5 Whatsminer M60S 180 Th/s SHA-256 180 Th/s 3150 W
1.70 USD 0.00014081 BTC
6 Whatsminer М31S+ 84Th/s SHA-256 84 Th/s 3500 W
-4.080 USD 0.00006571 BTC

The profitability of cryptocurrency today depends directly on what equipment is used for this purpose. Therefore, it is important to initially understand the brands represented on the market in the Russian Federation, their advantages, what model range is offered, what will be the cost of a particular version, taking into account the operating parameters of the system. Whatsminer new to buy - a rational decision, taking into account all the above factors. The brand today is one of the leaders in the niche. Whatsminer asics are produced by MicroBT. On sale are both hardware versions and Plug & Play devices, so you can start mining cryptocurrencies immediately after delivery and quick setup of the system and get the expected profit. The order can be placed only through suppliers in Russia, as the company does not carry out retail sales. However, there are no problems with this, regardless of the city - Moscow, Peter, Novorossiysk, Belgorod. Our online store offers favorable prices in the RF and a wide range of models.

Asic Whatsminer - useful information about the company

MicroBT is a manufacturer that initially specialized in the development of various computing equipment. With the introduction of the cryptocurrency financial market in 2016, the focus immediately shifted to this niche. The range of this brand includes its own unique developments of AI, integrated circuits, system solutions, cloud computing services. The head office is located in China, where all production facilities are also organized. Due to this solution, the price of Whatsminer is quite acceptable for ordinary crypto miners, the payback of the equipment is fast. At the same time, the company stakes on the coverage of the global market, so representatives from the office in the United States are engaged in servicing clients in the western part of the world.

Why you should buy Whatsminer in Moscow - technology overview

Using reliable and high-performance systems Asic Whatsminer, there is every chance to establish a stable passive income, which will be expressed in solid profits. This is due to the following design features of the proposed systems:

  • the most secure SHA-256 algorithm, which is quite successfully used for bitcoin mining;
  • Plug & Play Bitcoin Mining - a unique technology, thanks to which you can remotely control the device Whatsminer through mobile applications on smartphones, there are versions on both Android and iOS;
  • different formats of integrated nanometer chips are used, due to which all technological processes are improved;
  • MicroBT Whatsminer equipment has perfect power supplies, the location of which has been changed in order to save the space of the mining farm, the device is installed on the lid;
  • depending on the power potential and hash rate, there is an opportunity to choose a model with air or liquid cooling, which allows you to achieve optimal efficiency and heat dissipation;
  • Whatsminer does not require a transformer for uninterrupted operation, only a 220V circuit at 20A.

Definitely worth Whatsminer to buy in Moscow and for the reason that the manufacturer does not save on components, all assembly processes are carried out with careful control. That is, the company stakes on the long-term operation of the equipment and increasing its user rating worldwide.

Profitability of Whatsminer, prices for equipment

If you generally define all the positive characteristics that are inherent in each version, model, modification of the equipment on sale, you can make the following list:

  • a large choice for different purposes and budget - you can buy Whatsminer at different prices;
  • advanced algorithms for mining cryptocurrencies, which require high computing power;
  • the best ways of cooling - a particular option is selected taking into account the purpose of a particular model of Whatsminer;
  • responsive and competent support system osTicket through the official website;
  • the repair rate does not exceed 2.59%, but often it is even lower - 1.66%;
  • the simplest possible algorithm of system customization;
  • the whole line has efficient power consumption, which contributes to the profitability of mining, regardless of the region of Russia, where the equipment is planned to be installed;
  • compact dimensions;
  • excellent quality of the case design;
  • excellent payback of the systems - no more than 12 months, depending on the activity of a particular miner.

All systems are provided with an official warranty from the manufacturer. To save the budget allocated for the purchase, there is an opportunity in the Russian Federation to buy Whatsminer not new, but used, but in perfect technical condition, original equipment.

Popular models - technical characteristics

It is advisable to buy Whatsminer asics because of their high financial profitability. In the device of each model is assumed not one, but several microprocessors, each of which is combined into a single chain of more than 100 million logic elements. However, it is the hardware new Whatsminer that is in great demand among professional miners who plan to work with serious scales. The following versions are in particular demand:

  • Whatsminer M30S is a top-selling, model release from 2020. This is the optimal solution in terms of the ratio of build quality, price and efficiency. The device uses microchips on 12 nm. With a low price in the sale will have to compromise somewhat on the size. This is virtually the only drawback of this version.
  • M50S, M50 and M53 are the 2022 versions that were successfully presented at the Bitcoin conference. They are created with Samsung brand 5-nanometer microchips. Their efficiency according to reviews is at least 15% higher than analogs from competitors and previous versions of Whatsminer. To improve heat dissipation, two fans of solid power are provided.
  • Whatsminer M21S is the equipment through which it is possible to mine not only bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies - PPC, XMY, BCH, LCC, DGB - at optimal hashing speed and with low power consumption. A separate advantage is the size, the system is assembled very compactly.
  • M20S - in this version you can count on hashing speed up to 68 TH/s. At the same time, power consumption does not exceed 3.5 kW. It is suitable for mining bitcoin, as well as DGB, PPC, LCC, XMY. The weight of the equipment is 300 g more than the previous version on the list.
  • Whatsminer M30S++ - is interesting with a more serious list of cryptocurrencies available for mining. This is traditionally bitcoin, including BTC Cash, LTC, Furoracoin, Myriad AUR, Crown. The hash rate of this model reaches 112 TH/s. You can count on an increase in the efficiency index by 5% with the competent involvement of the ventilation system. Power consumption in this model corresponds to 3472 W.

If we focus on specific figures of profitability, then it is worth choosing Whatsminer on the basis of the following data:

  • about 10 USD per day - M30S;
  • up to 20 USD per day - M50S, M50;
  • 40 USD will provide the M53 model.

Thus, planning to buy Whatsminer in Moscow or another city of the Russian Federation, where delivery from our store is carried out, it is important to immediately clearly outline your goals and expectations regarding the amount of profit. In this case, it will be possible to correctly select the version, taking into account all possible associated costs for electricity, ongoing repairs, etc.

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