Hashrate Calculator

Fast conversion of hashrate units

You may have a reasonable question: why do you need a hash rate mining calculator at all? The answer is that such a virtual tool allows you to quickly and accurately compare the power of your crypto mining devices to the blockchain hash of a particular virtual coin.

The best way to calculate the hash rate is to use verified websites. Such as ultramining.com.

What is a hashrate calculation

Hashrate is the power of your asic or video card. Obviously, the higher this figure is, the more efficiently you will mine virtual coins.

Why do you need serious power? So that the tasks you need to get a blockchain are fast and... possible. For example, you will definitely not get BTC using weak devices. To mine a virtual coin like bitcoin, you need the most powerful equipment.

Figuring out the power of the device is surprisingly difficult because the mining machines don't need to identify themselves. That way they can contribute their processing power to the network. The machines simply hash locally and then communicate (usually through a pool when they find the last block.

Calculating the hash rate is possible in one reliable way. This is done by comparing the total number of blocks. Usually the accounting is done by focusing on a daily period.

Why it is not easy to calculate the power

It is a bit more complicated than simply dividing the number of blocks, because it involves the notion of mining complexity . The virtual currency is programmed to mine a block in a certain period (in the case of BTC, every 10 minutes). The level of production is maintained by adjusting the "mining complexity" according to the overall hash rate of the network.

Thus, virtual cryptocurrency miners find it increasingly difficult to find a target. As the hash rate increases, so does the difficulty of mining virtual coins.

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