TOP 5 Profitable Devices
Profit (24 h)
1 Avalon 1066 50 Th/s SHA-256 50 Th/s 3250 W
-4.060 USD 0.00009930 BTC
2 Avalon 1047 SHA-256 37 Th/s 2380 W
-2.940 USD 0.00007348 BTC
3 Avalon Miner A1366 130 Th/s SHA-256 130 Th/s 3250 W
1.93 USD 0.00025811 BTC
4 Avalon A1126 Pro S 68 Th/s SHA-256 68 Th/s 3400 W
-3.070 USD 0.00013511 BTC
5 Avalon A1246 83 Th/s SHA-256 83 Th/s 3420 W
-2.100 USD 0.00016208 BTC
6 Avalon A1246 85 Th/s SHA-256 85 Th/s 3400 W
-1.800 USD 0.00016876 BTC
7 Avalon A1246 87 Th/s SHA-256 87 Th/s 3400 W
-1.640 USD 0.00017286 BTC
8 Avalon A1246 90 Th/s SHA-256 90 Th/s 3420 W
-1.470 USD 0.00017869 BTC
9 Avalon A1246 93 Th/s SHA-256 93 Th/s 3429 W
-1.380 USD 0.00018161 BTC
10 Avalon A1246 96 Th/s SHA-256 96 Th/s 3420 W
-1.020 USD 0.00019060 BTC
11 Avalon A1166 Pro 75 Th/s SHA-256 75 Th/s 3500 W
-2.790 USD 0.00014891 BTC
12 Avalon A1166 Pro 78 Th/s SHA-256 78 Th/s 3400 W
-2.320 USD 0.00015498 BTC
13 Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s SHA-256 81 Th/s 3400 W
-2.100 USD 0.00016082 BTC
14 Avalon 1146 Pro 63 Th/s SHA-256 63 Th/s 3276 W
-3.220 USD 0.00012303 BTC
15 Avalon 1166 Pro 81 Th/s SHA-256 81 Th/s 3400 W
-2.100 USD 0.00016082 BTC
16 Avalon A1246 SHA-256 90 Th/s 3420 W
-1.470 USD 0.00017869 BTC

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most promising ways to generate passive income on a permanent basis. The profitability of each participant in this niche is growing every year. You can be convinced of this not only by focusing on the reviews of miners, but also by making a preliminary calculation, taking into account current trends, forecasts of the dynamics of the development of different digital coins. In any case, those who seek to join this direction, will need the appropriate equipment. It should have not only optimal characteristics, which will allow you to get the expected profit. It is important to take into account the reliability of the manufacturer, the quality of assembly, components, because usually the bet is made on the long term. In addition, you can not overlook the fact that how long it takes to pay off each individual model, presented in the availability of on sale in the store in Moscow or other cities of the Russian Federation. Our company offers only modern and relevant to the operating parameters of the equipment with which the extraction of cryptocurrencies will not be associated with technical difficulties. We provide favorable delivery within Russia. The price list includes current prices for mining equipment for different purposes.

Canaan miners - how reliable is the company?

This manufacturer has been presenting its equipment on the global market since 2013. It is the Avalon miner that is the flagship of asics, and a quarter of the total volume offered in the range on the market and already used for cryptocurrency mining are the products of this brand. If we focus on actual sales and production volumes, Canaan Creative is steadily ranked 3rd. Buy Asik Avalon can be bought at a quite reasonable price, since the company's production facilities are located in China, which ensures the optimal production cost of each version.

Why order Avalon Asic miner?

The Chinese company that offers a large range of Avalon Asic, regularly introduces innovative technical solutions, improves the technological base. Back in 2020, the company dramatically changed its position, due to which the active development of the brand, its popularization among industrial miners around the world was marked. While other top manufacturers offered processors for 7 chipsets, Asics Avalon could be bought with 5 elements. Due to this it was possible to significantly reduce the amount of heat generation, improve the performance (efficiency) of each individual system.

As a result of this innovation, as well as the following changes in the device controllers Avalon asic miner, the company became more attractive to investors, well established in the IPO market. The brand's accelerated development was eventually aided by a whopping $90 million in profits, thanks to which the brand easily surpassed its competitors and steadily took its place in the ranking of the best mining equipment manufacturers, whose profitability is reasonably combined with the initial cost criterion.

Other advantages and conditions for high profitability Canaan asics

Picking up Avalon miner, it is necessary to have a clear idea of what to expect in terms of completeness, build quality of these systems. The following design solutions are noted as really effective ways to solve the most common problems of equipment from other manufacturers:

  • close location of chipsets and heat sinks, due to which the ventilation of the case is improved many times, this also contributes to the innovative system of reducing the amount of heat emissions Airforming Cooling;
  • special connectors are provided for seamless integration of several Avalon Asic miners into a single chain, they are located on the rear panel of the equipment;
  • Avalon miners are 50-60 dB quieter than their counterparts from other manufacturers;
  • the housing of the equipment is reinforced to reduce the risk of damage from direct mechanical impact.

In order to use Avalon miner for high-yield cryptocurrency mining without any problems, it is enough to install the equipment in rooms with stable optimal humidity level and temperature within +/-25 °C.

Popular Canaan miner models

The company Canaan supplies a wide range of models that are characterized by high reliability. If the goal is Avalon miner to buy in the Russian Federation as new as possible, then it is worth looking at the novelties of 2022 - A1346 and A1366. They have the following advantages:

  • Hashrate indicators of these versions correspond to 110-130 TH/s. 
  • To achieve stable power supply, regardless of the operating conditions and load during cryptocurrency mining, the systems are equipped with modernized power supplies.
  • A new algorithm of automatic scaling, thanks to which the highest possible energy efficiency of the system is maintained. As a result, the profitability of Canaan Asic has increased many times over.

If you need something simpler for home mining, so that you do not have to exceed the budget allocated for the purchase due to the price of the equipment, you can consider the following versions:

  • Avalon miner 841;
  • A851;
  • 1066;
  • 1246.

A little more expensive will cost Avalon asics A1166 PRO version. The bottom uses new configurations, which positively affects the hash rate, energy efficiency of the equipment.


Even without using a profitability calculator, it is possible to draw a clear conclusion that it is worth buying Avalon equipment in Russia, because its payback period with stable operation is 7 months. At the same time, very economical energy consumption is noted, efficiency indicators meet current requirements, and in the long term, you can count on trouble-free operation for several years. That is, you will not have to invest often in the repair of devices, as everything is made good, using reliable components.

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