Avalon A1566 185 Th/s

Avalon A1566 185 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 185 Th/s
  • Energy
    3420 W
Profitability calculation Avalon A1566 185 Th/s
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On May 9, 2024, Canaan Inc. presented the generation of innovative Avalon A15 miners, with the first model being the Avalon A1566. The brand announced a hashing power of 185 Th/s, a figure significantly higher than that of the previous line of ASICs.

The Avalon A1566 model has set a new benchmark for energy efficiency in mining equipment on the market.

Characteristics of the Avalon A1566

The Avalon A1566 miner is designed in a traditional form factor – a metal case, modernized chips using the company’s advanced technologies, and an air cooling system, specifically two powerful fans.

The new model is already the second generation of Avalon ASICs with an energy efficiency coefficient of 1xJ/T. Thanks to a maximum energy efficiency of 18.5 J/Th, the device can process more data with less electricity consumption.

The model is capable of integrating into existing mining platforms and is also easily configurable to meet customer preferences. Avalon A1566 users are promised comprehensive support from Canaan's global service center.

Profitability of Avalon ASIC Miners

Considering the characteristics of the Avalon A1566 miner, one can speak of high profitability for the ASIC. The competitiveness of the return on investment in the device is best calculated using special calculator programs.

The price of the Avalon A1566 model has not yet been announced by the manufacturer. However, the promotional price per terahash is indicated on its official website as $14.60.

You can buy the Avalon A1566 for Bitcoin mining as soon as it becomes available on our company's website. We are official partners of the brand and guarantee reasonable prices for mining equipment.

Device dimensions: 301x192x292 mm.

Input AC voltage frequency: 50/60 Hz.

Energy efficiency coefficient: 18 J/Th.

Power consumption: 3420 W.

Weight: 14.9 kg.

Mining algorithm: SHA 256/BTC.

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