Best Ethereum Classic (BTC) Mining Pools

# Ethash Pool Fee Hashrate Blocks
in last
Last Found
- - -
  • PPS 1 %
78.99 Th/s 51
5 minutes
  • PPS+
1.60 Th/s - 19764216
46 minutes
  • PPS+
- - -
17.41 Th/s 13
7 months 1 week 5 days
855.08 Gh/s 2
8 months 2 days
68.54 Gh/s - 19760795
13 hours
  • PPLNS 0.01 %
- - 19569029
1 month 2 days
9 - - - -
225.02 Gh/s - 19764234
42 minutes
  • PPS 1 %
  • PPLNS 1 %
86.80 Gh/s - 19762548
6 hours
  • PPS 1.5 %
4.23 Th/s 2
9 minutes
  • PPS
- - 16038558
1 year 8 months 1 week 6 days
  • PPLNS 2 %
  • PPS+ 4 %
1.83 Th/s 1
9 minutes
  • SOLO 0.9 %
  • PPLNS 0.9 %
48.69 Gh/s - 19762753
6 hours
  • PPS+
2.02 Th/s - -
17 - - - -

Ethereum Classic appeared in 2016 and in fact, it was the blockchain which could get as close to the original as possible. In turn, the ether we know is only a clone of what Vitalik Buterin came up with.

Ethereum is a decentralized public platform and here smart contracts could be enforced. The idea is based on an independent digital asset. The token we speaking about has always been kind of in the shadow of its big brother, either, but after the latter switched to a new algorithm, many predicted the “new” Ethereum will face massive growth. It didn't happen, and today it's hard to understand the reason why. Maybe it's because of the token itself, maybe because the chance presented itself at an inopportune moment of market crisis.

The most obvious characteristics of cryptocurrency are:

  • Availability of decentralization (gives more safety to all transactions)
  • Stability at a high level (the registry has kept data since 2015)
  • Stability (no edits can be made from the outside)

Even without taking into account the background of its clone, ether classic is inferior in popularity, it managed to find a sufficient number of active users. We should also note: it is a token of a blockchain platform. The project was launched to help the development and exchange among participants in the field of digital finance. The main goal of the founders was the introduction of the field of "The Internet of Things", which implies the conduct of processes without human participation.

Let the token not manage to grow significantly, but miners still show interest in it. Let's consider ETC pool list.


At the moment it is the best in the pool table etc. It has about 16% of the network and is preferred by miners around the world. It is not only an ether classic pool, but also other assets can be mined here.

Miners appreciate the modern and clear interface, as well as the ability to work with Android and iOS software. Also, customers who tried to mine here note a good level of design of the site. As remarks, the participants admitted the work of the support service and a rather high amount of commissions.


Many users consider ethermine as the best pool etc and it has a rightful place among the leaders. Designed specifically to get Ethereum, the space supports the other cryptocurrencies as well. The F2pool started its work in 2016 and since those time it made a lot of deals and offered its customers the best services. The processes are built on 4 servers. The software was developed for Windows and Linux. is one of the most unusual platforms. Its main feature is to mine ether together with Ziliqa. Initially, the token is mined (before the transition to the new algorithm there was also an ETH), and then Ziliqa. It happens every few hours. According to the intention of the developers, and should help miners to increase their income. Distribution of miners' rewards takes place every half an hour.


The platform rightfully takes its place among etc mining pools. It is one of the largest players in the market and it manages to maintain a high position through many years. The cryptocurrency we discuss was the first and the main cryptocurrency to specialize in. Users note the good work of technical support, which works 24/7 and has its own chat, Telegram, and e-mail.

The mining platform specializes in ether basic mining and is in the top 5 best etc mining pools. The main feature of the site it is managed by DAO, where representatives of different companies involved in research in the field of chip development and other technologies participate. The data is protected by end-to-end encryption and prevents tampering.

Thus, the best ETC pools include:

  1. F2pool
  2. Ethermine
  4. 2Miners

An ETC coin mining pool even if it acts as specialized for ether mining tends to offer other crypto assets to choose from. It is due to market conditions required miners to be able to switch between tokens to earn more.

Miners pay attention to the understandable interface and available commissions, in its similarity almost all spaces are in high positions in the ranking. Almost all sites, regardless of the variants offered, are trying to expand the features and the number of services available to users. The crypto-sphere has become quite extensive, so it is impossible to work effectively on the market with just one option. The situation is complicated by the crisis and significant volatility. Miners not only mine cryptocurrency but also perform various operations with the mined coins to increase their income. As we can see, the more services are offered, the more likely it is to win user loyalty.

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