WoolyPooly Mining Pool Review

Woolypooly mining pool review of the cryptocurrency mining platform

Today in the niche of cryptocurrency mining there is quite a popular direction of joint mining. Thousands of users connect to it, engaging various services for this purpose. One of the popular Woolypooly has been operating for quite a long time. The most not so long ago there was a scandal with this service, claiming that Woolypooly is cheating its clients and stealing money from miners. However, the actual confirmation of this HYIP was not, the information on the Internet on this subject is not particularly presented, so there is reason to conclude that this is the machinations of competitors.

The main opportunities for miners on the service Woolypooly

The platform was created specifically for collective mining. However, the service also provides the possibility of individual mining of cryptocurrencies. That is, no significant restrictions are imposed on users, everyone has the right to choose a preferred mode for him/her, based on the criteria of personal experience, available capacity of the equipment, and other requirements.

The official website of Wooly Pool is well-structured and has a lot of options. This expands the possibilities for miners in terms of playing with the settings to improve the profitability of all processes as a whole. At the same time, it is possible to vary the settings offline, using special built-in options for correlation.

The payment system at this service is unique, it is the company's product called WPDS, which is based on the popular PPLNS. Another function of this system is to weed out the pool-hoppers who regularly move from one pool to another to achieve higher returns.

The technical side of the platform is flawless, created on a unique engine WoolyPooly Engine. This makes it possible to add tokens within a single service interface.

Available ways to mine hardware requirements

How to mine through woolypooly.com users has no problem. The reason for the versatility is quite simple: all the methods available today are supported here:

  • via CPU;
  • via GPU
  • via ASIKs.

All in all, there is a wide range of 20 types of coins to choose from at the moment, among which there are not only ETN, and VTS, but also Grin, ZEL, Ae, Cortex, Aion, MWC, Sero, RVN, BTG. And technically, dual mining is supported flawlessly.

The full list of coins available for mining through the Woolypooly pool is displayed on the main page of the site. If desired, the user can also download and install the application on Android, actively continuing the development of software and on devices with iOS.

User tools in the personal cabinet

Registration on the service Woolypooly mining cryptocurrency is a simple process, even for a newcomer to this direction. Once all the basic data is entered (email address, username, and password, confirmed and completed registration, you can begin to analyze and evaluate the interface and available options.

To date, the following tools are offered for the most correct work of the cryptocurrency miner, which allows you to organize the process conveniently and practically:

  • For each type of available coins, there is information with requirements for the equipment. Thanks to this, at the initial stage, you can determine the range of those cryptocurrencies that will be more profitable for mining, taking into account the already available technical equipment. What's more, the platform offers recommendations for optimal settings that will allow for higher energy efficiency and a shorter payback period;
  • The Woolypooly mining service provides a list of suitable software for each type of digital coin stated in the list in an easy-to-understand format. If you wish, you can run autoloading mode directly from the site;
  • By clicking on this tab, you can immediately see the list of TOP trading platforms, where Woolypooly mined currencies are traded;
  • This section offers useful materials for miners on various topics, which ultimately helps to save time searching for information of interest to optimize their activities.

Medium and Reddit are provided to contact the technical support team. It is possible to monitor their activities not only through the website interface in a personal office but also by connecting a bot in a convenient messenger.

Miner statistics and yield calculation on Woolypooly

Every miner who considers various services for collective mining is one of the first legitimately interested in the question of calculating the payment, and when will start to accrue rewards.

Woolypooly payments can be checked through the calculator on the main page in the personal cabinet. To get the statistics and calculate the preliminary expected amount of profit, it is enough to specify the following data:

  • Hash rate;
  • Electricity consumption;
  • The cost of electricity.

To simplify all processes as much as possible and to provide a transparent environment for interaction, the structure of the personal cabinet includes a statistics section, through which you can see such data:

  • The value in percentage of effort when searching for a unit;
  • Profitability for a certain period (you can leave the basic settings or set the value of 60 minutes, 12/24 hours, week, month);
  • Graphs of changes in the indicators of the individual hash rate and all rigs in total;
  • Data on the worker who found the block;
  • Information about the crediting of the reward.

As for the commission, the amount charged to the miner depends on the type of coin selected for mining. It can be either 0 or 2.4%. Woolypooly minimum payout also depends on the type of coin.

Conclusions about Woolypooly pool

Concluding the review, it is worth outlining some unique advantages of this pool, which are as follows:

  • A unique payout system with minimal commission values;
  • Minimum pin values from 5 to 60 ms;
  • Unique self-written engine, which implements non-standard solutions of the service;
  • The fast response of the support service;
  • The minimum withdrawal threshold, which each user can set according to his own preferences;
  • The most detailed statistics data.

Thus, Woolypooly is an excellent pool for mining, if a crypto-money miner is looking to expand its capabilities and increase profitability.