Flypool Mining Pool Review

Professional and Quality Mining Pool FlyPool

To conduct collective mining, there is a need to use pools, among which FlyPool deserves special attention. It occupies one of the top positions among all pools currently used for quality cryptocurrency mining. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with some features of FlyPool.

General information about FlyPool service

FlyPool is an internet resource that was created in 2016. Its peculiarity lies in uniting a huge number of miners located on a common platform for trading. By using FlyPool, it is possible to work with three main types of cryptocurrencies, such as:

  • ETC;
  • ETH;
  • Zcash.

In terms of usage, the FlyPool website is clear and straightforward. This is ensured by the presence of a lightweight interface, which was thoughtfully developed by the developers. The entire interface is available in English, Italian, and German. Despite this, a fairly large percentage of FlyPool users are Russian-speaking.

All miners were conditionally divided by the resource developers into 3 categories in order to provide a separate zone for each of them. Each territory is offered its own address. Navigation through the main sections of the site is done through tabs located at the top of the screen. At the bottom, the user can find addresses of servers that can be used for mining.

Features of payouts on FlyPool

When it comes to how payouts are made on FlyPool, it is worth noting that a special PPLNS accrual system is used here. The amount available for withdrawal defaults to 0.01 ZEC.

If necessary, the user can decrease it themselves, allowing for more frequent withdrawals. To enter the platform, the maximum coin amount is 10 ZEC. A commission is set for the pool, the amount of which does not exceed 0.00002 ZEC. After logging into the personal account, the user can independently make the necessary settings.

Main advantages of FlyPool

Before starting to use the FlyPool platform, every potential user should familiarize themselves with its main advantages. Among them, the following can be highlighted:

  • in some sections, there is a Russian-language interface;
  • regional division of miners is carried out for maximum profitability;
  • complete anonymity is ensured during mining;
  • the total hash rate is 300 Mh/s;
  • high cryptocurrency mining speed parameters;
  • payouts of any amounts occur almost automatically;
  • the pool commission is quite low, as it does not exceed 1%;
  • there is a customer support service that can help solve any problem at any time.

Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with all the advantages and services provided by FlyPool directly on the official website.


FlyPool belongs to the category of relatively simple and intuitive pools, the main task of which is to ensure that clients achieve maximum profitability when using them. There are a large number of positive reviews about FlyPool on the Internet, indicating that the pool is in demand and actively developing. At the same time, each user indicates that cryptocurrency payouts occur steadily without any glitches.