SlushPool (Braiins)

SlushPool (Braiins)

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SlushPool (Braiins) is a popular pool for miners

Considering various options for pools for miners, it is definitely worth paying attention to one of the oldest platforms in this niche, the Braiins pool. Created in 2010, it is still operational and managed by Satoshi Labs from the Czech Republic. This SlushPool platform has solid hash rates of more than 9% of the Bitcoin network. Today, ideas are being put forward regarding rebranding, but at the same time, fundamental changes are not envisaged concerning the very concept of the platform. When planning to use the SlushPool in your activities, it will not be out of place to initially study the reviews and review the main functions and technical capabilities to understand what you have to deal with.

Main Features of SlushPool

It would be logical to start the review with the general features of this platform:

  • the multilingual site works with support for 5 popular languages, including Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, English;
  • power according to data collected on different resources, we can conclude that it is here that about 11% of all crypto blocks that exist today are mined, and more than 1 million BTC, that is, this is one of the largest platforms for miners;
  • Bitcoin is the main currency, although Zcash is also mined through this pool.

A fundamentally important point is the organization of the community. The SlushPool team monitors user activity very closely. Any suggestions and wishes are taken into account.

Miners highly rate the Braiins pool in terms of the simplicity and convenience of the interface. The designers have done a tremendous amount of work. All the most significant information for the miner is displayed on the site's main page. The stable operation of the service is technically impeccably maintained. Even reviews often note the absence of suspicious pending transactions.

Considering current trends and consumer demand, the platform is offered in several versions, a desktop version and an application for devices with the most popular Android and iOS operating systems.

Technical features

Because there is a high power and potential of the platform, it is logical to conclude that there are no problems with registration. Everything is very well thought out, and the process is simple and without the need for unnecessary actions from the user, which have no practical value. On average, even without experience, you can register in the Slush pool within one minute. To do this, you have to perform the following steps:

  • create an account;
  • set a complex password;
  • specify an email address;
  • confirm registration via email (the link remains valid for 1 hour).

Immediately after logging in, the user is offered several useful links on how to optimize cryptocurrency mining.

Both the desktop version and the app have a special mode for beginners who are just learning to mine. If you select automatic settings for software and hardware, the system will offer several recommendations on what and how best to do next. For advanced users, there are dedicated servers for BTS and Zcash. The software for them is provided free of charge, and installation is fast enough. When using the SlushPool, it is possible to set all the settings for making a profit literally in 1 day.

A demo version is provided for those who still doubt whether it is worth using this particular platform.

SlushPool payout system

The payment system stands out for its clarity, simplicity, and transparency. Braiins pool commission is calculated based on the current market situation and the pool's and users' own hash rate. The process takes up to 15 hours on average, and the system will need about 100 confirmations.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 bitcoin. The payout is made to the selected Bitcoin address.

We should not lose sight of joint production being provided here. That is, you can simultaneously start the mining process for two different coins, respectively, to receive higher profits in the form of rewards. This feature can be activated immediately after creating an account, and you do not need to repeat these steps each time. Some beginners note in the reviews that the Braiins pool commission is too high 2%. However, it is quite consistent with the functionality and level of security consistently supported on the platform.

Conclusions about SlushPool pros and cons

To rationally evaluate everything and make an informed decision, we briefly note this pool's positive and negative aspects.


  • Great development and support team.
  • Good opportunities for beginners.
  • Convenient and practical interface.
  • Transparent terms of payments and fees.
  • Possibility of merged mining.
  • The most simple registration and platform setup.


  • Weak variety of coins.
  • Relatively high fees.

SlushPool is definitely worthy of attention for both beginners and experienced miners. There are no serious shortcomings on the platform. At the same time, there is a solid period of activity with a high level of technological effectiveness of the platform and a responsible team approach.