Huobi Mining Pool Review

In the history of cryptocurrency mining, some platforms are considered pioneers and are known to anyone who has ever been interested in mining BTC and other virtual assets. These include Huobipool, a project started by Leon Li, an Oracle employee, 10 years ago. A year after opening its headquarters in Beijing, the company attracted over ten million dollars in venture capital investments, and 3 years later, the office changed its location to Singapore due to tightening national legislation. Huobi is a liquidity pool that has gone from a modest Bitcoin mining service to a platform where you can mine a variety of coins: BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, as well as GRIN, SC, DCR, and TRTL.

Pool Features Overview

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EOSSuper Community and POW Mine Pool areas of work.

Judging by the volume of DPoS voting, the pool has become the leader in the world. As a bonus, the organizers provided the possibility of voting in the ONT and TRX systems. As for mine production, its advantages are:

  • low commissions;
  • ease of settings;
  • convenient mobile application;
  • possibility of using credit cards;
  • hassle-free withdrawal of premiums;
  • access to trading in virtual assets;
  • fast loading of a personal account, where you can configure mining parameters;
  • unique hedging services;
  • high-quality technical support, which is regularly mentioned in reviews.

Users from more than 130 countries carried out mining through the Huobipool, but in 2021 the project, which helped generate up to 5% of all bitcoins, was closed. The reason was the innovations in Chinese legislation limiting cryptocurrency mining in the country. Now the organizers have left a cryptocurrency exchange with a daily turnover of up to 35 billion dollars and the Huobi token of the same name, the emission of which are 9,366,424,378 coins.