Coinminerz Mining Pool Review

CoinMinerz Pool - Popular Multi-Currency Mining Pool

Cryptocurrency mining requires significant computational power, so the chances of individual miners successfully mining coins can be quite low, depending on the total computational power of their network. Also, it is often not very profitable: the costs of mining the same bitcoins alone may not pay off initially, causing profitability to occur much later. So what should cryptocurrency enthusiasts do who want to start mining a variety of coins but do not have super-powerful equipment and deep knowledge in the field? Cryptocurrency pools were developed precisely for such cases, one of the best of which is CoinMinerz.

CoinMinerz is a special cryptocurrency service with many positive aspects that miners use to combine their efforts and mine digital coins by distributing tasks among each participant. Hundreds of thousands of people use it every day, and you can become one of them right now.

Development History and Current Trends of CoinMinerz

CoinMinerz was launched in August 2017. The owner of the pool's identity is hidden: in all official sources, he is simply called James or James H. The pool's developers and administration are mainly from America, Canada, and the United Kingdom, where CoinMinerz has gained the most popularity. The main goal of is to increase people's awareness of mining, increase the amount of useful cryptocurrency content, and attract new people to this area.

Initially, the pool was located on a single server registered in the UK, but soon such capacity was not enough: more and more active miners began to flock to the project. The solution came in 2020 when Pennyshark joined the pool as a pool co-operator. By combining their efforts, the team increased the efficiency and productivity of their platform, making it one of the best mining pools.

Today, CoinMinerz's main servers are located around the world, including regions such as the USA, Singapore, the European Union, and India. Deploying more servers every year in various parts of the world, the project team minimizes mining latency while increasing its efficiency. This allows miners to easily connect to the CoinMinerz platform regardless of their geographic location.

Functional Capabilities and Technical Features of

The pool has many positive aspects. First of all, this includes:

  • Real-time statistics of all your miners;
  • Ability to hide your location;
  • Additional security protocols;
  • HiveOS and RaveOS;
  • NiceHash and MiningRigRentals;
  • Multiple mining modes;
  • Only a 1% commission;
  • Presence of block rewards shared among all its participants.

A big plus is the feature of custom payout settings. To withdraw mined coins, you do not need to wait for a certain amount or period of time: you can adjust the date and amounts individually. The system is very flexible and convenient.

How to Register on Pool and Start Mining?

If you want to start working with this pool, then there is good news for you: you do not need to register a separate account. The pool practically does not impose requirements on its users, so everyone can quickly start mining cryptocurrency.

To do this, you just need to go through a few simple steps.

The first one is to set up a wallet for specific coins that you plan to mine. Without it, you won't get anywhere.

The second step is to set up a work extension for the miner. Detailed instructions are available on the pool's website.

The third step is to get information about the pool's address and region where you will work. This data can be found on the website, in the tab of each individual pool. After that, you will need to select the region that is closest to your location. Common options are the USA, England, India, and Singapore. This way, you will configure your pool for maximum mining stability.

Then save your configuration and start mining yourself.


CoinMinerz is an excellent pool for miners, both beginners who are just starting to understand the intricacies of this process and cryptocurrency veterans. Registration to start work is not required, only minimal hardware and software mining setup.

The pool commission is low - only 1% of the total amount. This allows CoinMinerz to remain competitive in the rapidly changing crypto market and provides its users with the opportunity to maximize their profits.