Best Litecoin (LTC) Mining Pools

# Scrypt Pool Fee Hashrate Blocks
in last
Last Found
  • PPS
72.76 Th/s 8
28 minutes
  • PPS 4 %
188.63 Th/s 22
40 minutes
  • SOLO 1 %
  • PPLNS 2 %
  • PPS+ 4 %
221.69 Th/s 23
38 minutes
  • PPS
- 1 2688784
1 hour
  • PPS 3 %
237.00 Th/s 17
29 minutes
  • FPPS
34.19 Th/s - 2688694
5 hours
  • PPS+
6.30 Th/s - 2538783
9 months 1 week
  • PPS+ 1 %
31.87 Th/s - -
  • PPS
2.81 Th/s - -
  • PPS+
30.18 Th/s - -
11 - - - -
  • PPS
187.90 Th/s 20
7 minutes
  • PROP 0.95 %
- - -
14 - - - -
  • SOLO
- - 2688500
12 hours

Creation history and features of the coin

Litecoin is one of the oldest projects and was created as a digital asset translation tool. The funder was Charlie Lee, a man who was able to discern the significant potential of digital gold but was not fascinated by it enough not to see the limitations the network could face.

The result was a platform that could offer more blocks and form a larger issue. It had great difficulty competing with the first cryptocurrency. This was especially noticeable in the initial stages. However, as time passed, the disadvantages of the BTC network in the form of low speed and high enough commissions became obvious. This helped to develop further and get its adherents.

As a result, two years later, a capitalization of $1 billion was reached, which helped the altcoin to securely entrench itself on the high lines of the cryptocurrency ratings.

The main attention during the design and development of the project was paid to the fact that it could act as an improved version of BTC, preserving all the advantages and eliminating all the disadvantages of the first cryptocurrency. The connection between these two is traced by most experts, who even gave it the name "silver of gold".

The basic parameters are:

  1. PoW
  2. Scrypt algorithm
  3. The speed of block creation exceeds bitcoin's indicators by 4 times
  4. The total number of blocks reaches 84 million.

Despite the external similarity and the fact that it is an improved analog of bitcoin, they have some differences. In particular, the transaction fee in the bitcoin network is higher.

In addition, there are significant differences in the protocols by which bitcoin and litecoin mining pool chart operate. The main differences include:

  • Work under less complexity than other protocols
  • Less electricity is needed
  • The amount of commission may be set to a minimum
  • Shows higher work speed
  • These technologies are used for the encryption of crypto-purses and different passwords

LTC does not have a document that could regulate or clarify the issue limit. According to the developer, it is nothing more than an analogy with digital silver, as well as a desire to develop an asset that will be perceived as more accessible than bitcoin but has a lot in common with it.

Main Characteristics

LTC operates on a platform that has managed to demonstrate its reliability and stability for 10 years. This was one of the main criteria according to which it was added to many crypto exchanges. At the moment, the main functions of the token are accepted as using it as a tool for transactions, as well as a way to store the holders' assets. Nevertheless, members of the crypto community who are opponents of it are voicing speculation means the coin's existence is based solely on a belief in the stability of the platform, which ensures its relevance.

Both video cards and pools ltc, which require asic, can be used. If in the case of bitcoin, the complexity is constantly growing not only because of the number of participants in the network but also because of the use of productive equipment, here everything is somewhat different. Many adherents use video cards, which makes the process accessible not only to large institutions but also to ordinary users.

Let's look at the most popular and try to find what is the best litecoin mining pool.


Based on the current rating, we are able to conclude that at the moment it is the top litecoin mining pool. Also, this Chinese company is often at the top of ratings for others, indicating its great popularity among users. ViaBTC managed to develop the most profitable scheme of remuneration PPS+. It was subsequently adopted by many very well-known companies. ViaBTC offers users smart mining as well as the ability to switch between cryptocurrencies in a single click.

Performance: 244.36 Th/s, 4% PPS+; litecoin pool fees: 2% PPLNS; 1% SOLO.

This platform rightfully ranks high in the litecoin mining pool list. It is the oldest platform, which has been operating since 2013. It leads not only with LTC but also BTC and ETH. The main indicators are as follows: 115.51 Th/s, 4% PPS.

It is specialized in litecoin mining pools pie chart, designed by the altcoin developer. This is where the mining of the cryptocurrency started through TLS. For a long time, It was the most profitable site. The hashrate is 96,3 Th/s, 0% PPS.


In general, it is one of the most popular in the world, regardless of the cryptocurrency in question. Antpool attracts many users with its high performance, as well as affordable commissions. Among the main disadvantages are called a rather complicated interface, which is not always intuitive for users, especially for beginners.

The hashrate is at 94.5 Th/s and the commission is 0% PPS.

When considering this token the best litecoin pools regularly include Poolin, whose parent company is Blockin. Users are allowed to connect multiple devices to the server and choose the desired token from the 10 offered. Key parameters: 40.41 Th/s, 4% PPS.

Thus, the statistics of litecoin mining pools usually include the most popular sites, which are also leading in the analysis of other cryptocurrencies.

Participants traditionally choose large and reliable platforms that provide a high level of stability and an acceptable amount of commission.

Right now, the coin is perceived as one of the most reliable. Particularly important here is the length of existence on the market, which emphasizes stability and inspires trust.

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