Poolin pool for mining review of a popular platform for mining crypto

Anyone who plans to earn from cryptocurrency mining, at the beginning of his way is puzzled not only by the purchase and configuration of equipment that will fully comply with the characteristics. It is equally important to choose the right software to get your remuneration, to monetize your profits without hindrance. Poolin pool for mining is one of the popular services, which is well known to already experienced owners of ASIC miners, as well as to those who work through GPU farms. Mining through this good service allows you to get your profits with favorable commission conditions and in general, opens up in the form of quite wide prospects for activity. What is the reason for the high popularity of this particular platform is easy to understand after getting acquainted with the review of the service, the main functions, and its features.

Mining through pooling services main types of currencies

The platform poolin.com attracts both already experienced miners and beginners with excellent opportunities for earning. The service currently supports 12 of the most popular digital coins:

  • Decred (DCR);
  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Horizen (ZEN);
  • Ethereum (ETH);
  • Handshake (HNS);
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC);
  • Nervos Network (CKB);
  • Zcash (ZEC);
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
  • Litecoin (LTC);
  • Starkoin (STC);
  • DASH (DASH).

It provides not only the traditional options for the pool but there are also unique chips. For example, there is the possibility of integration and simultaneous synchronization through the network of multiple devices on integrated circuits, which generally has a positive effect on liquidity.

Mining through Poulin Pool popular ways

Quite a large service for mining is technically varied opportunities. Depending on subjective preferences, the miner can choose different ways to mine cryptocurrencies:

  • On ASICs (a proven method for most types of digital money);
  • On integrated circuits;
  • On graphics processors;
  • Video cards (this method, for example, is the only way to mine either classic).

Thus, having the necessary technical equipment, it is possible to increase the own hash rate by times, respectively, to receive more profits.

Main functions for miners on poolin.com

To start using the platform, you will need to register. However, for example, if you plan to mine solely ETN or ETS, you can skip this step, as they have the opportunity to mine in anonymous mode.

This service can configure the Russian-language version, but it is still far from perfect, so you need to focus on the fact that you will have to work exclusively on the English-language version.

The most significant nuances of the organization of the structure of this platform can be outlined in the following conditions and functions:

  • Creation of sub-accounts. The service offers several types of digital coins for mining. To use all the opportunities to the maximum, it will be necessary to create subaccounts for each type of cryptocurrency;
  • Poolin Wallet 2023. The platform has its wallet. This is an excellent means to withdraw money as quickly as possible and on very loyal terms. Moreover, Poolin wallet is an opportunity to get additional income because it provides cryptocurrency conversion options, lending;
  • Hash rate transfer. The service provides an option to transfer your hash rate to other users. You can set it up by subaccounts as a percentage or by a specific value, which is a priority at the moment;
  • Earning Split. This feature allows you to automatically distribute your daily earnings to different accounts. It is enough to set the appropriate settings in your profile;
  • Manual and automatic withdrawal. The platform has a threshold for payout. However, if the miner decided to stop his activities, and the threshold is not reached, there is an opportunity to manually arrange the withdrawal of profits. The payout period is on average 1 day from the date of application. For daily transactions, it is more practical to set up automatic withdrawals and exchanges.

There are other smart features available on the Poolin platform. In general, every user rates this service very highly, so it makes sense to consider it as the main option for mining.