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The profitability of mining in modern conditions is more promising if you choose a decent platform for the collective mining of crypto coins. One option that is definitely worth considering is Ravenminer. The resource has a certain authority and has been operating for a long time. Recently, new currencies were added to the list of coins available for mining, and a multi-coin engine was introduced. All this is positively assessed by the participants of this pool and new potential users who set ambitious goals and plan to achieve them now.

Basic functions and conditions for miners

Collective mining is the optimal solution for today since the complexity of mining various cryptocurrencies regularly increases, and accordingly, higher computing power is required to carry out its activities.

Ravenminer offers quite favorable conditions:

  • Lowest commission level.
  • Payment is made every 3 hours based on PPLNS, PPS, and SOLO technologies.
  • Transaction fees are covered.
  • Highly secure SSL ports.
  • The platform architecture includes dynamic layers, which positively affect the efficiency of mining through the Ravenminer pool.
  • The minimum value of the amount for payment, and miners can individually adjust these settings to further reduce the threshold to the lowest levels.
  • Convenient earnings statistics interface with analytical notes created offline.
  • Auto-conversion function for the most popular digital coins (Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.).
  • The fastest stratum in the three largest regions of the world (USA, Asia, Europe).

Overall, the Ravenminer community is rated by miners as very friendly. Support works 24/7 through various channels, including the ability to set up monitoring via notifications, email or Discord and also, in the future - Telegram.