Ravenminer Mining Pool Review

RavenMiner - an Authoritative and Most Reliable Mining Pool

Modern mining requires immense computational power, specialized equipment, and significant investment to mine blocks in the blockchain. Becoming a strong miner independently and coping with network complexity is challenging. To increase their chances and achieve stable profits from mining, miners cooperate by forming pools. In these pools, block computation tasks are distributed among miners, and income depends on the volume of invested computational power.

One of the best pools is RavenMiner. Initially, it was a single-coin pool mining only Ravencoin, but recently, the pool switched to CPU/GPU/ASIC engine and became multi-coin.

RavenMiner's Openness to Miners

The RavenMiner pool includes 24 servers in three geographical zones: Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the USA. RavenMiner is suitable for mid-level, small, and experienced miners. The pool is suitable for ASICs with a single GPU or those working on a NiceHash GPU.

RavenMiner stands out from other strong pools with the lowest commissions, equal to 0.5% PROP. The server provides detailed statistics, shows miners' profitability results, and conducts profit evaluations.

Cryptocurrencies that can be mined on RavenMiner include:

  • Ravencoin;
  • Zephyr;
  • AI Power Grid, and other digital coins.

The pool operates using the Secure Sockets Layer cryptographic protocol, TLS datagram series, and Yii Mining Pool open-source software. Mined crypto assets are automatically exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others. The withdrawal thresholds are minimal (0.5 RVN), but miners can adjust them higher or lower as they see fit. Payouts are made every 3 hours.

RavenMiner is a multifunctional environment with low launch complexity, uniting more than 2,000 miners. The pool's interface is simple, making RavenMiner an excellent starting point for novice miners entering the pool.

Mining Modes on RavenMiner

The multi-coin RavenMiner offers clients three mining modes:


Optionally operates Pay Per Share+. This means RavenMiner pays miners for each individual share. If a miner discovers a block using the PPS+ method, they receive additional coins in addition to regular payouts. Connecting to the PPS+ mode is the most profitable, as transaction fees for each block found are distributed among miners using both PPS+ and PPLNS, and PPS methods.


This income distribution mechanism is provided to miners by default. Under the PPLNS method, miners receive rewards for the last N shares, regardless of share/round boundaries. The pool pays miners for every mined block, with the amount distributed proportionally to the invested computational power.


SOLO or solo mining mode involves a miner independently mining coins without the assistance of other RavenMiner participants. The drawbacks of this method include the need for a lot of time, electricity costs, and luck to calculate a block, making solo mining unsuitable for small and mid-level miners. With SOLO, the auto-exchange option can be combined.

RavenMiner's Relevance

The professional environment of RavenMiner not only provides miners with a plethora of options but also offers assistance to pool participants at every stage. Miners can reach out to RavenMiner's technical support via three communication channels:

  • Through email;
  • Telegram messenger channel;
  • Free Discord platform with voice, video, and text chat capabilities.

Currently, the most widely used option is the Discord messenger. In it, pool miners can communicate and receive advice from RavenMiner on troubleshooting, ASIC miner settings, and hardware overclocking.

Why RavenMiner is Considered One of the Best for Mining

RavenMiner has an excellent reputation, is compatible with many mining equipment and programs. The server intelligently distributes tasks among miners based on their power. The pool provides statistics to participants and shows the distribution of mining rewards, ensuring transaction transparency, confirming fair treatment of participants.

If a miner is just starting their journey in mining cryptocurrencies, RavenMiner is an excellent solution for solo mining or taking the first steps in a pool. It has minimal fees, a user-friendly interface, very frequent payouts, flexible limits, and is reliably protected against attacks. All these advantages indicate the pool's reliability and the safety of mining in cooperation with RavenMiner miners.