Skypool Mining Pool Review

Skypool - an Effective Starting Point for Beginners

The development of the cryptocurrency market has led to increased competition among miners striving to mine a block. As the popularity of mining grows, cryptocurrency networks become more complex, making solo mining digital coins unprofitable.

The optimal solution is to combine equipment resources with other miners and collectively mine coins by consolidating into a pool. Collaborative mining ensures a stable income proportional to the miner's investment in mining. One of the effective pools for this purpose is Skypool.

Features of Mining in Skypool

Skypool is a multi-coin pool, allowing miners to mine multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously while maintaining the efficiency of all mined digital assets. The pool automatically switches to the most profitable coin, with all earnings converted to Bitcoin upon block discovery.

Cryptocurrencies available for mining on Skypool include:

  • Zephyr;
  • ArQmA;
  • Ethereum Classic;
  • Monero;
  • Haven;
  • Ergo;
  • Ravencoin;
  • Quantum R L;
  • Nimiq.

Skypool's servers support modern cryptocurrencies SMART and Nano. SMART is a type of digital currency that allows creating assets using transactions between independent mining nodes. Nano is a lightweight cryptocurrency project designed for instant and secure transactions without fees or restrictions.

Skypool was founded in 2017 and operates on a global scale, with nodes located in various countries, including the European Union, Shanghai, the United States, and Hong Kong. The pool operates with a commission rate of 1%.

Available Mining Options on Skypool

Skypool's servers support mining on central and graphics processing units (CPU and GPU) through the Skypool protocol and ports 5000 and 4000.

Features of Cryptocurrency Mining on CPU in Skypool

This is the simplest mining method, utilizing the computer's central processing unit (CPU). It may not be suitable for mining cryptocurrencies with high computational difficulty, making it potentially unprofitable for some popular digital coins.

Features of Mining Crypto Assets on GPU in Skypool

Mining is based on using the computer's graphics processing unit (GPU). GPU mining is more efficient and powerful than CPU mining, making it a popular solution for mining altcoins. GPU mining is suitable for miners with average experience in mining and newcomers to the industry, as it is efficient and accessible.

Ports 4000 and 5000 use TCP protocols, which are fundamental in IP/TCP protocols. Skypool has a proxy program through which miners' network connections are established.

How to Join Skypool

The standard procedure for joining resources and collectively performing cryptographic tasks on Skypool involves:

  • Connecting mining equipment to a separate computer;
  • Configuring the operating system to ensure background operations do not interfere with mining;
  • Removing unnecessary information from the hard drive and disabling automatic OS updates;
  • Visiting the website;
  • Creating a personal account;
  • Reading on the Skypool website which software the pool supports and installing the recommended program;
  • Configuring the software to ensure it detects all connected mining devices that contribute their computing power to the server.

Clear settings for Skypool, as indicated on the website, are essential, and configuring a cryptocurrency wallet where mining rewards will be transferred is mandatory. Once all options are set, miners can start the miner and begin mining digital assets.

Benefits of Joining Skypool include increased chances of block calculation, lower energy consumption and equipment costs, and a more stable income compared to solo mining.


Skypool is an effective means of generating a small but steady income through cryptocurrency mining. The platform charges only a 1% commission, which is a reasonable fee for maintaining client accounts, hosting, providing internet access, and equipment maintenance. The ability to mine multiple coins simultaneously increases the chances of successfully calculating blocks and receiving rewards.