ViaBTC Pool Review

Not every cryptocurrency mining pool accepts unregistered miners. Some require you to create a new account, while others require you to enable two-factor authentication. However, we must recognize that fairly stringent security measures on the service are fully justified. By the way, this service provides users with deposit accounts. They are needed to store the mined cryptocurrency. ViaBTC Pool operates on this principle. This is a mountain basin where not only ASIC miners but also owners of GPU rigs can find suitable work. Further information will be written about ViaBTC pool which may be interesting and will indicate the overall picture

What is ViaBTC Mining Pool?

ViaBTC is one of the world's largest pools, serving users in many countries. It has been operating since 2016 and has established itself in the field of blockchain technologies. It is also worth noting significant practical experience, reliability and safety of products, and the presence of an international user base, which distinguishes ViaBTC from its competitors.

The ViaBTC pool development team participated in the creation of the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency, and therefore the pool became the first to support this BCH. ViaBTC is also the developer of the most profitable payment method for mining today: PPS+.The ViaBTC development team consists of recognized professionals in the field of financial technology. The current CEO of ViaBTC is Hypo Yang.

What are the advantages and disadvantafes of ViaBTC Mining?

Let's look at the main pros and cons of the ViaBTC service that its clients highlight.


1. Brand power:

• Leading Bitcoin mining pool in the world.

• Providing services in more than 130 countries/regions.

• Reaching over 1 million users worldwide.

• The total income of mining operations is more than a billion US dollars.

2. Security and sustainability:

• High-security standards, multi-level control.

• Extensive network of servers around the world, low ping.

• 24/7 availability of the mining network.

3. The best conditions for paying rewards:

• Calculations for PPS+, PPLNS, and SOLO.

• Minimum share of "orphan blocks".

4. Special service:

• Automatic withdrawal of funds without commission.

• Hourly auto conversion.

• Hedging services and crypto loans.

• Supports cloud mining and cloud hash rate trading.


• Some users are unhappy with the high pool fees.

After reading all the user reviews, we can conclude that they are mostly positive. However, sometimes there is a remark like, "I can't get to the service." As a rule, this happens if a miner accesses the pool from a different IP address or when the administration blocks the account due to suspicion of hacking. If this happens, you need to contact support.

What are the features of the ViaBTC mining pool?

The ViaBTC pool website design resembles a crypto exchange. To create an account, you need:

  • Specify and verify your email address.
  • Create a username and a strong password.
  • Enable 2FA.

Another exciting option is the ViaBTC transaction accelerator; how to use it is described on the "Tools" page. The service can be free or paid, depending on the urgency of processing.

You can mine only Ether (ETH) and Ether Classic (ETC) on video cards. Other coins are profitable only for devices on integrated circuits (ASICS). The smart mining option using the SHA-256 algorithm is supported. After its activation, the pool will automatically switch your miner to mining the most profitable coin of this protocol.

ViaBTC pool allows each miner to choose the system by which the reward will be calculated.

The creators of the ViaBTC pool have developed the ViaWallet application to store and transact earned assets. The program is available for download on Google Play and App Store.


According to our ViaBTC review it is a reliable pool with a large audience that it has earned throughout its existence. The service provides detailed statistics on earnings and reports on the system's operation. It is easy to understand and start mining in the pool for both a beginner and an already knowledgeable miner. ViaBTC is one of the largest pools and is attractive due to low commissions and the ability to choose between several tariffs.

Other benefits include the availability of additional services, including a transaction accelerator, which allows the pool to rank your transactions, increasing the confirmation speed when the network is crowded, or miner fees are low.