ViaBTC Mining Pool Review

ViaBTC Mining Pool: Features Overview

Mining is one of the most stable and promising cryptocurrency-earning areas. But appropriate tools are needed for the conceived idea to be implemented in the best possible way. ViaBTC pool is one of the most popular and large-scale mining platforms through which you can organize the cashing out of earned rewards. A detailed review of ViaBTC will help you evaluate this service's functionality, pros, and cons.

History of creation and development of ViaBTC

This platform was launched one of the first in 2016. The startup of the Japanese founder turned out to be quite successful. Initially, Hypo Yan, the creator of the ViaBTC pool, worked on his project with ZeusMiner. Cardinal changes were identified on the platform precisely after the founder began to engage in development separately.

This platform currently supports multi-vector mining of more than 10 of the most popular digital currencies.

Based on the opinion of experts in this direction, it can be unequivocally stated that the ViaBTC mining pool has become one of the most critical platforms for the functioning of the market as a whole. If we focus on specific data, then on average, the hash rate of bitcoin (BTC) on ViaBTC is estimated to be very high. It is in the share of almost 25% of the total production through other platforms. About 13% comes from mining Zcash, 12% respectively from Dash, and 1% each from Ethereum, ETC.

The platform supports several ways to mine cryptocurrencies, and these are both ASIC and GPU. In general, this good service attracts new miners and keeps experienced miners with its reliability, functionality, and a number of fundamentally significant advantages.

Pros and cons of ViaBTC pool

In order to rationally evaluate all the possibilities of this platform, for a start, it is enough to outline the main advantages in general. Here are the highlights of ViaBTC:

  • Implementation of PPS+. Thanks to this option, the offline platform covers the risks of miners when mining a small number of coins.
  • Smart mining option. Due to a well-thought-out structure and individual service setting, each miner can automatically switch between different types of coins based on the profitability analysis at a particular moment. Thanks to this option, miners' profit increases on average by up to 10%, which is quite a lot.
  • Auto exchange. Automatic conversion is a great addition to the functionality. Due to this built-in option, it is possible to transfer one type of digital money to another directly in the pool at the miner's request, almost instantly and without using third-party services.
  • A large number of supported cryptocurrencies. The number has reached 16, which is clearly not the limit conceived by the platform's founder. Despite such a large number of types of cryptocurrencies available for mining, user service support works perfectly. It also, in turn, affects the reputation that the popular ViaBTC mining pool has today.
  • Reliability and high level of security. Considering all the nuances of cryptocurrency mining and conducting transactions with digital money in conditions of absolute decentralization and anonymity, rather high requirements are put forward from users and to the pool's reliability level. Regarding the ViaBTC pool, the reviews are only positive and on the thematic forums from quite experienced miners who have been mining for far from the first year. The platform can bind to a mobile phone and connect two-factor authentication.
  • Additional opportunities for the use of digital money. It is with the ViaBTC pool that many popular exchanges cooperate. On the official website, you can withdraw funds from the pool without commission at any time of the day in priority mode. It is also an excellent marker of the reliability of this particular platform and an indicator of its demand. The service also has detailed instructions on withdrawing money from ViaBTC to a card. You can immediately familiarize yourself with it as soon as registration is completed and the basic system settings for mining are set.
  • Auto-payments and setting an individual withdrawal threshold. These two options allow you to use the service quite simply and easily and receive daily income reports and profit statistics for a given period.
  • Referral program. All payments for referral on ViaBTC are made as transparently as possible and within a clearly defined time frame.
  • Additional accelerator option. This pool is also in high demand because the application and other platform formats have a built-in feature that helps speed up transactions even when the network is congested. Moreover, the commission of the ViaBTC pool will be more than adequate.

Of course, users also note the available variable formats of this pool for cryptocurrency mining. Users can choose between a web version and an Android app. Given the fact that the development team of this pool was directly involved in the creation of the most profitable payment method for today, PPS +, and the digital currency Bitcoin Cash, there is no reason to look for an additional catch in the operation of this service.

As for the minuses, users note only the not always readable Russian-language version, although even in this mode, everything remains clear.

Overview of modes for mining through the ViaBTC pool

To date, this platform offers several options to choose from, so each miner can focus on priority criteria for him and use what best suits his goals and the expected amount of profit:

  • Automatic switching between currencies. In this case, the system itself evaluates the current situation and profitability for each digital currency used by the miner and eventually performs auto-conversion directly in the pool. Moreover, smart mining is available for all types of currencies that are supported on this platform. If we talk about the advisability of using this option, it is worth emphasizing that miners note an increase in profits by an average of 20% compared to manual switching at their own discretion.
  • Switching in one click. Manual switching does not cause any problems for users since this requires a minimum of actions literally at the touch of a button. There is no need to reconfigure the equipment.

Thus, the developers consider the functionality so that the ViaBTC mining setup is not associated with the need for additional time. Moreover, everything is done so competently to increase the profits of miners that it is irrational to miss such chances using other pools.

How to download and configure the ViaBTC pool

The registration process, no matter what platform format the application uses on Android, IOS, or the web version, is extremely simple for each user. The service works with support for English and Russian, and miners mark the interface as convenient and practical.

To register and create a personal account in the ViaBTC pool, all you need to do is:

  • open a website or download the ViaBTC pool on Android or IOS;
  • in the registration form, indicate your email address, come up with a login and create the most secure password (the system performs the reliability assessment, if it considers the password too simple, registration will fail);
  • confirm registration using the link from the letter to the specified email;
  • read the platform rules carefully, confirm your consent, and create a backup copy of the data.

After that, it is enough to configure the authentication mode and, if desired, other methods of protecting the profile, and you can start working.

Settings for work

There are no problems with how to use the mobile application with the ViaBTC pool. After setting the basic settings, you need to decide on the types of cryptocurrencies that will be mined. This must be done initially since the algorithms for the application, and the web version are somewhat different in each case:

  • BTC, FCH, BCH, and BSV operate based on the SHA256 algorithm;
  • LTC uses Proof-of-Work or SCRYPT systems;
  • XMR mining, in this case, is carried out at the expense of the GPU and the CPU. That is, you will need xmrig specialized software for mining Monero.

If you plan to use the smart mining function, you must immediately install 2 ports, between which switching will be performed. It must be done only once; no additional steps are required next time you log in.

ViaBTC pool is an excellent solution if the priority is reliability, service stability, acceptable commission conditions, and adequate work of the technical support service and developers.