Best ASIC miners by profitability

Profit (24 h)
Jasminer Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s Ethash 5800 Mh/s 1900 W
10.83 USD 0.00022923 BTC
Ibelink IBeLink BM-KS Max 10.5 Th/s kHeavyHash 10.5 Th/s 3400 W
37.20 USD 0.00067585 BTC
Iceriver IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s kHeavyHash 12 Th/s 3400 W
43.69 USD 0.00077239 BTC
Bitmain Antminer S21 Pro 234 Th/s SHA-256 234 Th/s 3531 W
3.80 USD 0.00018285 BTC
Bitmain Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s kHeavyHash 20 Th/s 3000 W
79.26 USD 0.00128728 BTC
Bitmain Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s kHeavyHash 21 Th/s 3150 W
83.22 USD 0.00135164 BTC
Iceriver IceRiver KAS KS3M 6 Th/s kHeavyHash 6 Th/s 3400 W
17.78 USD 0.00038620 BTC
Iceriver IceRiver KAS KS2 2 Th/s kHeavyHash 2 Th/s 1200 W
5.77 USD 0.00012874 BTC
Jasminer Jasminer X4-C 1U-450 Mh/s Ethash 450 Mh/s 250 W
0.590 USD 0.00001777 BTC
Jasminer Jasminer X4-1U-520 Mh/s Ethash 520 Mh/s 240 W
0.800 USD 0.00002054 BTC
Jasminer Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s Ethash 1000 Mh/s 380 W
1.74 USD 0.00003950 BTC
Jasminer Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s Ethash 840 Mh/s 340 W
1.41 USD 0.00003318 BTC
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Cryptocurrency extraction, while lucrative, is extremely competitive and even ruthless. Thus, it is necessary to use the most optimal mining hardware configuration available to you in order to maximize your mining profits.

Please note: we talk about “optimal” configuration and not “the most powerful”. There are a lot of factors besides the sheer hash rate that influence mining devices' performance.

Naturally, hash rate is the main parameter of any ASIC miner - the more computing power you have, the more coins you will receive. However, other important parameters also must be taken into account:

  • Price. A machine can be very powerful, but if it is prohibitively expensive, it is highly probable that it will take longer to pay you investments back than a less powerful, but cheaper rig.
  • Energy efficiency. Purchasing hardware is not the only expense of a miner. You also have to pay for the electricity your machine consumes during the extraction process. Naturally, the less power the machine consumes, the better.
  • Reliability. The importance of this parameter is self-evident - if your device does not work, it doesn’t matter how powerful or efficient it is. However, it is rather difficult to quantify objectively.

It may be indeed rather difficult to pick the optimally balanced hardware piece by just looking at the specifications. But there is no reason to worry, Ultramining got you covered.

We’ve compiled a rating of ASIC miners by their yield. This way you can see not abstract specifications of different machines a newcomer is not familiar with, but the amount of money every option will bring you per day. Naturally, despite the high accuracy of the ASIC calculator used, all data is approximate, since both complexity and exchange rates are fluid. And shoddy unreliable devices don’t even get into the rating.

In addition, you can simply contact our support service, explain your specific needs, budget, and situation and our specialists will help you to select the most optimal configuration for you specifically. After all, it is always better to buy a crypto mining rig prepared and knowing what to expect than to rely on blind luck, isn’t it?

There are solutions minimizing the need for user input during the crypto extraction process. The most popular one is cloud mining. The concept is very simple - you purchase a contract from a service provider (essentially renting some of their equipment) and regularly pay for electricity consumed by the rented rig and its maintenance.

There is no need to bother with settings or maintaining an electrical and internet connection - you just receive your rewards. Naturally, the profitability is somewhat lower in comparison to a perfect setup at home. But it is an easier and more comfortable way to get started and try out extracting cryptocurrencies.