X4-QZ-840 Mh/s

X4-QZ-840 Mh/s

Profitability calculation X4-QZ-840 Mh/s
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Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s: A Versatile Etchash Algorithm ASIC

Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s Price

The prices for Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s vary on the market. It is recommended to compare prices on different seller websites since some regularly offer discounts and additional promotions, while others sell equipment with minimal markup. Monitoring will allow you to maximize savings. The main thing is to ensure that you are buying a certified and high-quality miner rather than a counterfeit.

Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s Specifications

With an energy efficiency of 350 W/Gh, the equipment allows for economical use in digital coin mining. Comparing the specifications of Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s with previous models, it's worth noting that the noise level has decreased by 35 dB.

Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s Profitability

The profitability of Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s is not fixed. It cannot be guaranteed that each miner will generate at least a specific profit per day when mining cryptocurrency. It's entirely individual. The more time you invest in work, the higher the salary. There are no fixed rates. Everything depends solely on the quality and quantity of actions performed.

It's also recommended to consider the relevance of a specific cryptocurrency, as it enhances potential profitability. Investing in an ASIC that works only with one type of currency can be risky. Choose a broad, universal algorithm. This way, you can switch from one coin to another if there's a crisis in the market, and its value temporarily drops.

If the space where the miner is located is rented, the monthly rent cost should be considered and deducted from the income. This is the only way to achieve clear and realistic figures.

Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s Calculator

How soon will cryptocurrency mining equipment pay off? This is a complex question. If you want to get at least approximate information, there's no need to calculate on your own and use complex, incomprehensible formulas. The special Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s calculator allows you to find all the interesting numbers online without much effort. All that is required of you is to fill in a simple table on the website. It's elementary, and everyone has the required data. Enter the name of the miner, its characteristics, and the current electricity cost. The system will do all the work.

The calculator provides figures for a day, a week, a month, or a year. However, the numbers are generally average. Therefore, do not think that if a specific value is displayed on the screen, you will achieve it 100% in the first few days.

Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s Power Consumption

The manufacturer specified a power consumption of 340 W in the characteristics. For such power, this is a low figure. There won't be large electricity bills. If you want even lower power consumption from Jasminer X4-QZ-840 Mh/s, it's achievable by enabling the energy-saving mode. In this case, additional functions will be disabled, and the basic functionality will be sufficient for mining.

Power Consumption: 340 W;

Noise Level: 40 dB;

Energy Efficiency: 350 W/Gh;

Performance: 840 Mh/s;

Temperature Range: 0 to +30 degrees;

Weight: 12 kg;

Dimensions: 450 x 350 x 132 mm;

Algorithm: Etchash.

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