Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s

Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s

Profitability calculation Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s
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Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s: A Modern and Reliable Mining Equipment

Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s Price

It's challenging to determine the current prices for Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s. The pricing regularly changes due to the cryptocurrency exchange rates and the relevance of the digital currency. It's also important to consider whether the model was recently released or several years ago. Generally, the earlier the mining equipment for cryptocurrency was introduced, the cheaper it is. This is a good option to avoid overpaying, especially if you aim to acquire your first ASIC, quickly recoup the investment, and gain skills and knowledge.

Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s Specifications

The energy efficiency is stated as 287 W/Gh by the manufacturer, which is a favorable indicator. Considering the specifications of Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s, it appears to be a good option for investments. The noise level is typically 75 dB, so you'll get a low reading, eliminating the need for additional sound insulation in the room.

Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s Profitability

Determining the exact profitability of Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s is highly individual. It's only possible to roughly estimate when the miner will finally generate a net profit. However, in reality, calculations often result in both positives and negatives. Factors to consider include how much time you are willing to dedicate daily to cryptocurrency mining. The more hours invested each day, the higher your daily earnings. Also, remember to account for expenses such as rent, electricity, and other associated services. All these costs need to be considered to estimate the actual income a specific ASIC model can bring.

Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s Calculator

How to preliminarily calculate profit? Previously, a specific formula was used for this purpose, which was quite complex even for professionals. Newcomers often made significant mistakes, leading to results that differed significantly from what was actually realized. To save time and effort, it is recommended to use the Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s calculator. It's convenient, practical, and very fast. The system conducts all calculations online.

All you need to do is fill in the table with information. Usually, you need to specify the ASIC model, its characteristics, electricity cost, and select the period for calculations. Typically, calculations are made for a day, a week, a month, a quarter, or a year. However, remember that even the calculator provides only approximate values. In reality, they often differ.

Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s Power Consumption

The model has a power consumption of 630 W, which is an average figure. Even at full operational mode, the ASIC won't consume a significant amount of energy. It is presented as energy-efficient equipment, allowing for greater profits. If you want to further reduce the consumption of Jasminer X16-Q-1.95 Gh/s, it is recommended to enable the energy-saving mode.

Power Consumption: 630 W;

Noise Level: 40 dB;

Energy Efficiency: 287 W/Gh;

Performance: 1.95 Gh/s;

Temperature Range: 0 to +35 degrees;

Weight: 10 kg;

Dimensions: 360 x 482 x 134 mm;

Algorithm: EtHash.

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