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Mining Firmwares for Bitmain ASICs
Firmware for Antminer E9 PRO

Antminer E9 Pro is an ASIC miner released by Bitmain in 2023. It is designed for mining Ethereum and Ethash, with a claimed hashrate of 100 TH/s. Firmware is software that manages the operation of an ASIC miner. It is responsible for functions s...

Firmware for Antminer L7

Antminer L7 - one of the most popular miners on the market, capable of mining cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Dogecoin. However, like any other equipment, it has its drawbacks. One of them is the limited performance potential embedded in the st...

Firmware for S15

ASIC S15 firmware antminer advantages: Ability to overclock hash rate up to 28 TH/s (maximum performance) and up to 18 TH/s (in economy mode) Power consumption – 1596 W 240*178*296 mm Weight 7 kg Noise level – 76 dB Multiple ov...

Firmware for S9SE

Firmware for antminer S9SE characteristics: Ability to overclock hashrate up to 16TH/s Release date – July 2019 Mining – Sha 256 Size – 32.13*12.96*20 cm Weight – 4.56 kg Noise level – 75 dB Ability to choose the profile for overc...

Firmware for asic is a program with which the device starts to work more correctly. All firmware for antminer is adjusted to the specific action, algorithm, and model.

Firmware is suitable to:

  • increase the level of income;
  • reducing noise;
  • changes in the algorithm;
  • better interaction between the farm and the pool.

Two variants can be distinguished: factory and custom firmware for the asics.

The official firmware is the original firmware from the manufacturer. It is installed on the device initially.


  1. Warranty.
  2. Questions about the firmware are closed in the shortest time.
  3. Clear instructions for the updates.
  4. The antminer firmware is downloaded from the hardware manufacturer's official website.


  1. Virtually no improvements in the device (no hash rate overclocking, noise reduction, etc.).
  2. High noise level.
  3. Custom firmware is revised/updated firmware that came after the official version. They are always made based on already existing ones.

Advantages of custom firmware:

  1. There are many tweaks for better device performance (hash rate overclocking, mining profitability, etc.).
  2. Reduce the noise level of the device.
  3. Useful for mining settings.


  1. Warranty absence (it is lost when you reflash the hardware).
  2. With a lack of experience, there is a chance to break down the equipment.
  3. Since these programs are downloaded not from the manufacturer's official site, it is easy to download not what you need.

How to install the firmware

  1. First, the frequency of the miner is set to 400 MHz.
  2. After that, you need to switch to manual control.
  3. Then in 60 seconds, you need to set 25 percent of the maximum number of revolutions.
  4. In the system, select the section called "Update."
  5. Then go to "Install new firmware" and press the button itself.
  6. Select the file that has already been downloaded and wait for the installation comes to end.
  7. Do not forget to reduce the voltage in the settings to a minimum. The figure should be 400 MHz.
  8. After setting the frequency, you can increase it little by little. At the same time, it is worth monitoring the device.
  9. Then configure the asic according to all the rules.
  10. Reboot the device.

In the case of any problems, you can perform a factory reset. To do this, turn on the ashik and press the reset button. Hold it for about five seconds. If you make the actions correctly, you can return to the factory settings.

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