Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s

Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s

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Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s: A Reliable ASIC for ETC Mining

Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s Price

The Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s comes with quite reasonable prices. When comparing it with other brands, this ASIC proves to be a budget-friendly and practical model suitable for both beginners and professionals. For the most accurate pricing, it is recommended to compare prices on the same day since they fluctuate due to the exchange rates of both fiat and digital currencies. Moreover, the release of new models by the company may lead to price reductions for the previous versions.

Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s Specifications

This ASIC is equipped with two built-in fans to prevent overheating. The cooling system operates automatically, maintaining an energy efficiency of 48 W/Gh.

The durability of Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s is also highlighted in its specifications. The entire body is made of metal, ensuring robustness.

Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s Profitability

Determining the actual profitability of Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s is a highly individual question. No review, rating, or even recent statistics can provide an exact figure. The more time you are willing to dedicate to mining each day, the higher the potential earnings. Therefore, taking a day off or working less in a specific period will directly impact your financial gain. Even though the miner operates automatically, it still requires your involvement, strategic planning, and monitoring of the process. Therefore, your engagement is crucial.

It's essential to note that the net profit is the amount from which electricity bills, rent, and additional associated expenses, including the initial investment in the miner, are deducted.

Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s Calculator

The Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s calculator is a practical solution for both beginners and professionals. No longer do you need to spend a lot of time figuring out how complex formulas work. Simply use the online calculator for calculations. It provides average values and allows you to understand how much you can earn per day, week, month, or a more extended period with a specific miner. However, in reality, profits can be both lower and higher. Remember that it depends not only on the chosen popular cryptocurrency, strategy, but also on how much time you are willing to spend on mining.

You can open such a calculator on a laptop, personal computer, tablet, or smartphone. Everything is straightforward and convenient. The interface will suit everyone. The task is performed in just a few clicks.

Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s Power Consumption

The specified power consumption for this cryptocurrency mining equipment is 380 W. While this figure is considered slightly above average, it is still relatively economical when compared to other ASICs. Therefore, you won't have to allocate a significant portion of the earnings solely for electricity costs. Additionally, everyone has the opportunity to practically reduce the power consumption of Jasminer X4-Q-1 Gh/s by activating the energy-saving mode. This mode is available in all modern miners. When enabled, the general functionality remains, but additional characteristics go into "sleep" mode, allowing you to use less energy.

Power Consumption: 380 W;

Noise Level: 40 dB;

Energy Efficiency: 48 W/Gh;

Performance: 1 Gh/s;

Temperature Range: 0 to +35 degrees;

Weight: 10 kg;

Dimensions: 134 x 360 x 482 mm;

Algorithm: ETC.

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