Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s

Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s

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Although Jasminer is not yet a very well-known name in the world of miners, the company is rapidly growing and releasing more and more high-quality and powerful tools for comfortable mining every year. They constantly upgrade their developments based on feedback from regular customers and beyond. New technologies and components are often tested in production, and in the future, they plan to actively use artificial intelligence in their work.

If you are interested in the products of this small but rapidly gaining popularity company, it is worth taking a close look at the new miner Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s. It combines a large amount of memory necessary for mining demanding Ethereum Classic and high-speed computations, significantly increasing mining efficiency with this equipment.

Excellent performance, ease of use, and convenience are the distinctive features of Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s. Setting up this miner requires just a few simple steps and a few minutes of your time, allowing you to start mining coins almost immediately after purchasing the device. Thanks to its superior computing power, expanded and extremely useful additional features, high stability, and 8 GB memory capacity, this compact miner can easily meet the requirements of even the most demanding users.


Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s has many significant advantages over products from other manufacturers. They approach the challenges of the modern crypto industry more creatively, relying not only on the latest technologies and developments but also on time-tested solutions.

The most significant advantage in favor of purchasing Jasminer X16-P is its hash rate: engineers managed to provide such a compact ASIC with a whopping 5800 Mh/s. This is sufficient for stable mining of even "heavy" coins, including classic Ethereum. Moreover, its energy consumption is not as high as it might seem, as its energy efficiency is at a high level.

Additionally, Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s utilizes integrated server storage technology and advanced computations to achieve energy consumption reduction compared to previous models from this company and even some modern counterparts from other brands. With such innovative development, electricity bills will no longer be a significant obstacle to mining, even if Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s is running continuously.

Operation Principle

JASMINER X16-P is a high-performance powerful miner with a hash rate of 5800 Mh/s (±3%) and power consumption of 1900 W (±10%). It operates with the Ethash algorithm, one of the latest Proof of Work (PoW) versions of the somewhat outdated but still holding up Dagger-Hashimoto.


Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s is an outstanding miner not only due to its performance and innovative developments. Its technical characteristics also play a significant role here. All indicators point to this model being a revolutionary breakthrough in the cryptocurrency mining sphere and having excellent profitability. Optimized algorithms, quality hardware components, thoughtful architecture, and the use of the latest chips make this miner truly worth its cost.

The dimensions of Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s are compact: 450x462x440 mm with a weight of 14 kg. The rear part of the casing contains a cooling system with 3 fans that can cool the miner even in the hottest summer and dry climate.

It is also worth noting the sound insulation of Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s. The miner emits only 65 decibels during operation, which is very low and allows for installation even in home conditions.

Connection and Setup

One of the advantages of the Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s miner is its easy connection. It follows the same principle as most modern ASIC miners, is quick, and without any issues. The manufacturer provides a detailed instruction manual along with the miner for this purpose.

Setting up Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s after connection is also straightforward. You need to enter a few parameters into the software that the ASIC works with. This could be the pool address you plan to work with, password or login (not required for all coins), as well as your online wallet and worker data. After filling in the necessary fields, all that's left is to press the "Update" button, and you can enjoy the stable and highly efficient operation of the Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s miner.

What Does Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s Mine?

Since this ASIC operates on the advanced Ethash algorithm, it can mine a wide range of profitable and financially rewarding coins. This includes Callisto, Ubiq, and Ethereum Classic, but if desired, this list can be expanded to mine some other tokens without any issues.

Thanks to the good power of Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s and the heavyweight but productive Ethash algorithm, you can easily connect to a pool or mine Ethereum individually. Since it's not possible to do this with graphics cards (the algorithm itself and the Ethereum blockchain require too much memory), the Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s miner is the best choice for both beginners and experienced users.

Profitability Today

To determine the profitability of Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s before purchasing, you need to consider several factors. The first is the cost of electricity in your region, as the miner, despite its increased energy efficiency, is still quite power-hungry. The cost of coins you plan to mine at the time of purchasing the miner also plays a role. After calculating profitability using these data in a special calculator program, you can obtain accurate profitability figures for Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s, for example, daily, monthly, and even yearly. But even without such calculations, it can be confidently stated that this miner is a very profitable investment. With it, you can easily earn at least several hundred dollars per month, already deducting operating costs. It can be quickly recouped, literally within six months, and then mine at a profit.

Cost and Purchase

Just like predicting the profitability of the miner, it is difficult to anticipate its exact cost at the time of purchase. The cryptocurrency market and mining tools are too volatile for sellers to immediately quote a price. It all depends on the specifications, pricing policy of the manufacturer, and the supplier.

To buy Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s profitably, consider several options from reputable and reliable sellers. Compare indicators such as ratings and user comments, user trust ratings, order quantity, and price dynamics before making a final decision. Don't forget about the possibility of purchasing the miner even cheaper, for example, by taking advantage of a loyalty partner program or catching a promotion.

Buying Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s

If you have decided to buy the powerful and efficient Jasminer X16-P 5800 Mh/s, feel free to contact our company. Only here you will find the most advantageous offers on the market because we truly care about our customers and focus on them. At the same time, low prices are not our only advantage.

The main advantage in our favor is working only with original miners directly from the manufacturer. This is confirmed by certificates, documentation, and warranty from Jasminer. You can find other models in a convenient catalog using search filters. The selected mining equipment can be delivered to you shortly after placing an order, as we cooperate with the best postal services in the country and are ready to provide fast delivery to any city.

Capacity: 5800 Mh/s;

Energy consumption: 1900 W;

Energy Efficiency: 287 J/Gh;

Network connection type: RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 m;

Operating Temperature Range: 5-40 degrees Celsius;

Interface: Ethernet.

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