IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s

IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s

  • Coin Kaspa
  • Algorithm kHeavyHash
  • Hashrate 12 Th/s
  • Energy
    3400 W
Profitability calculation IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s
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ICERIVER is a leading and highly renowned manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining equipment worldwide. The name of this company is firmly associated with functionality, elegance of technical solutions, and energy efficiency in mining.

Looking at specific examples, ICERIVER is quite popular among miners for several reasons. Firstly, ICERIVER offers high performance and power in all its cryptocurrency mining products, excellent characteristics that are crucial for profitability in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency environment.

Miners from this manufacturer are designed to operate at maximum performance and efficiency in token mining, which is highly appreciated by traders and crypto investors. Additionally, ICERIVER is known for its reliability and quality. Their mining devices are known for stable operation and a fail-safe recovery system, which is crucial for miners looking to minimize losses due to network failures or equipment malfunctions.

This makes much of their equipment a desirable hardware upgrade for miners at different levels, and the release of advanced product lines is almost like a celebration. For example, on March 31, 2024, IceRiver opened sales of their new and ready-to-use ASIC miner for the recently viral cryptocurrency Kaspa, under the name KAS KS5L. This news excited cryptocurrency miners worldwide for good reason. Compared to the previous IceRiver KS3M generation, the new model turned out to be twice as energy-efficient, not to mention a range of other important and useful features of the IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s.


ICERIVER always strives for innovation. The company constantly improves its products and technologies to remain competitive in the market. This includes optimizing energy efficiency, increasing power, and keeping up with the latest trends in the cryptocurrency sphere. IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s is no exception. This model incorporates all the latest developments of the company, resulting in a very decent miner.

The main advantage of KS5L is its exceptional hashing speed, meeting the requirements for mining the rising star among coins called KASPA. This cryptocurrency demands high performance, and IceRiver is ready to provide it. The model boasts 12 Th/s, making it one of the high-performance mining tools on the market. The manufacturer has achieved commendable stability in the miner's operation, reliably protecting it from all possible threats and failures, including user data security.

The impressive hash rate speed of KS5L contributes to efficient and timely block processing, a key factor that makes the miner highly competitive in Kaspa mining. Due to this, many scammers may try to steal data or cryptocurrency from the wallets of users of this miner. IceRiver has taken this into account and implemented appropriate measures. As a result, KS5L includes many additional security features beyond the standard set to protect against potential threats, ensuring that miners can focus on mining without worrying about hackers and other dishonest elements.

Other significant advantages of IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s include a lightweight yet sturdy construction, fantastic profitability, thoughtful ergonomics, and the best configurations for its price segment.

Operation Principle

With a voltage range of 170-300 V and an output power of 3400 W, the Iceriver KS5L KAS miner ensures exceptional performance for its owners, guaranteeing optimal Kaspa mining. It operates on the same principle as many ASICs. The built-in Ethernet interface provides seamless connection to profitable pools and blockchains, allowing you to configure the miner according to your requirements.

The basis for mining Kaspa on the KS5L is the KHeavyhash algorithm, specially designed for this coin. Unlike many other mining algorithms that heavily rely on the graphics processor's memory, KHeavyhash uses a unique matrix multiplication formula located between two standard Keccak (SHA-3) hashes. This design ensures efficient mining without requiring significant device resources.

The IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s can operate in a wide temperature range of 0–35°C, allowing for high performance from any region.


The Iceriver KS5L 12Th/s is the best solution for miners who want to try cryptocurrency mining with a high-performance, reliable, and energy-efficient device. Its hardware component, developed in collaboration with leading Chinese chip manufacturers, is currently one of the most advanced on the market. This is reflected in the miner's characteristics, its high hashing speed, impressive performance, and reduced energy consumption.

It sets a benchmark for future models working with Kaspa and other cryptocurrencies. If you are still undecided about purchasing this miner or another one, it is worth taking a closer look at its performance metrics.

In terms of dimensions, the miner is quite compact and can comfortably fit even in a bedroom. With a net weight of 15 kg (gross weight 16.5 kg), it strikes an optimal balance between durability and portability, ensuring ease of handling and installation. Without packaging, its dimensions are only 370 × 195 × 290 mm, which is relatively small.

Regarding noise levels, it is more or less standard. This model can generate up to 75 dB during operation, making it suitable for home installation. The built-in cooling system helps combat overheating, ensuring excellent performance in this aspect as well.

Connection and Setup

Like many other miners from IceRiver, the KAS KS5L 12 Th/s model is quite easy to install and set up. This can be done without any knowledge or experience in this field. Everything is detailed in the instructions and on the manufacturer's official website.

To set up your miner after installation, you will need a stable Ethernet connection. If you want to mine on a pool, you will need to register first. In any case, you will need an electronic wallet and other necessary data to start working with the IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s.

What does the IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s mine?

Kaspa – the cryptocurrency for which the IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s was developed – boasts an exceptionally high block generation speed. A new block is created every second, contributing to the efficiency and speed of transactions on the Kaspa network, as well as the coin's profitability.

Current Profitability

The profitability of ASIC miners for any cryptocurrency depends on several factors: primarily the coin's profitability itself and the cost of electricity consumed by the device. It is quite challenging to calculate the exact amount you can earn after purchasing an ASIC due to many individual factors in your region and your mining pace.

Roughly speaking, with the IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s, you can earn several hundred dollars monthly. This allows for a quick return on investment and a positive outcome.

Cost and Purchase

If you want to buy the IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s, its price may vary significantly across stores. Not to mention the volatility of the market, causing prices to change within a day.

The best way to order this miner is through a discount from a reputable online store that you fully trust.

Buy IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s

Our company is ready to supply you with a brand new IceRiver KAS KS5L 12 Th/s at the lowest price. We only work with original miners, as confirmed by documents and manufacturer's warranty. Additionally, we often have discounts and promotions on top-performing ASICs with high profitability - all offers can be found in the catalog.

Performance: 12 Th/s;

Power consumption: 3400 W;

Energy efficiency: 283 J/Th;

Network connection type: RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 m;

Operating temperature range: 0–35°C;

Interface: Ethernet.

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