Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s

Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s

  • Coin Kaspa
  • Algorithm kHeavyHash
  • Hashrate 20 Th/s
  • Energy
    3000 W
Profitability calculation Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

The Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s miner is a game-changer in the cryptocurrency mining industry. This ASIC is designed for mining the KAS coin using the KHeavyHash algorithm and is currently the most profitable ASIC on the market.

Features of the Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s

The ASIC Ks5 20 Th/s operates on the latest integrated circuits, providing the equipment with unprecedented performance.

It has a maximum hash rate of 20 Th/s with low power consumption of 3000 W.

These characteristics of the Ks5 20 Th/s allow for the most efficient mining of the Kaspa cryptocurrency.

Currently, only the Kaspa cryptocurrency can be mined on this miner. It is unclear whether it will be possible to mine different coins on the Antminer Ks5 in the future, but experts in the crypto industry highly value the potential of the KHeavyHash algorithm.

The Antminer Ks5 with a hash rate of 20 Th/s is an updated and improved version of the Ks3 ASIC, the technical parameters of which ensure long-term and stable mining. The Ks5 miner is twice as efficient and productive as its predecessor.

The design of the ASIC is similar to other Bitmain miners. It is equipped with air cooling, represented by 4 powerful fans. The equipment generates a lot of noise during operation, so it cannot be used in residential premises. It is important to provide good ventilation at the installation site, regularly clean it from dust, and not exceed the permissible temperature and humidity ranges.

Profitability of the Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s ASIC

It is difficult to say exactly what kind of profitability to expect from the Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s. The Kaspa rate is rapidly rising, but it is impossible to predict how it will change in the future. The payback period of the ASIC depends on the comparison of all costs:

  • Rental of premises or space in a data center, if there are no suitable areas of your own for размещения оборудования;
  • Electricity tariffs in the region where the mining farm is located;
  • The cost of purchasing the device.

You can calculate the projected profitability using online calculators.

Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s Calculator

Kaspa coin mining calculators allow you to get a preliminary assessment of the profitability of the ASIC online. You need to enter data on the hash rate, power consumption, pool fees, electricity costs, and choose a currency, and the system will immediately generate the approximate reward, income after deducting costs for 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and the full payback period of the device. However, the data obtained from the calculator can change in any direction if at least one calculation parameter changes.

Power Consumption of the Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s

The Ks5 20 Th/s is distinguished by its low power consumption and energy efficiency of 150 J/Th. These are excellent indicators for profitable mining for both beginners and professional miners. The mining costs of the Antminer Ks5 are minimal compared to other models from the manufacturer.

You can buy the Antminer Ks5 20 Th/s equipment at a favorable price at InterHash. All products are original, sold only with a manufacturer's warranty, and service is provided during the warranty period.

Hashrate: 20 Th/s;

Algorithm: KHeavyHash;

Energy Consumption: 3000 W;

Voltage: 220-277 V;

Coin: Kaspa;

Cooling System: Air;

Energy Efficiency: 150 J/Th;

Network Connection Mode: RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 m;

Temperature Range: 0-40°C;

Interface: Ethernet;

Noise Level: 75 dB;

Weight: 15.8 kg;

Dimensions: 195x290x430 mm.

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