IceRiver Kas KS1

IceRiver Kas KS1

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Earning through mining has gained well-deserved popularity. Cryptocurrency, which is gradually replacing traditional currencies, offers an opportunity for individuals to earn without formal employment. However, every beginner miner requires good machines to work with. Profitability is one of the key indicators for any miner, and ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) equipment plays a vital role in cryptocurrency mining. This equipment helps users solve specific tasks and earn income.

Characteristics of the IceRiver Kas KS1 Miner

Equipment like the KS1 ASIC is considered a compact miner. What sets this device apart from others is its active cooling system. It is designed for experienced miners who prefer to earn income through efficient equipment. Finding a worthy alternative for the price can be challenging.

In terms of functionality, the KS1 ASIC model differs from the KS0. KS1 boasts advantages such as a higher hashrate and a modern, efficient cooling system. The KS0 model, on the other hand, relies on passive cooling, which is considered less efficient and outdated.

For those with experience in mining who prefer more powerful miners, this model is the better choice.

Miner Profitability of the IceRiver Kas KS1

Before starting work with a miner, it's essential to calculate the profitability of the Iceriver KS1 ASIC. Profitability is a formula that helps determine the difference between the expenses for equipment and the income it can generate. If the expenses exceed the income, using the miner may not be worthwhile.

Power Consumption of the IceRiver Kas KS1

Unlike the KS0 model, this miner is more powerful and consumes more electrical energy. Despite this, users often achieve good profits with this miner.

KS1 ASIC Miner Profitability Calculator

Mining profitability is the key component that helps users choose the right strategy for earning. The profitability calculator helps users determine essential factors when using the KS1 ASIC:

  • Estimated income, which depends on many factors.
  • The number of coins that can be obtained for solving specific tasks.
  • Calculating electricity expenses.

It's also essential to consider factors such as whether you have to rent a space or not and the various electricity tariffs (e.g., day and night rates). In general, the KS1 ASIC consumes up to 1 kW per hour, which is relatively moderate.

What Influences the Final Calculations?

  1. Miner hashrate: This model has a high hashrate.
  2. Currency value: Cryptocurrency prices are volatile, so a decrease in price is favorable for buying, while an increase is better for selling.
  3. Electricity cost: Besides consumption, the electricity cost is a significant factor. Higher electricity prices lead to lower overall profits.

The KS1 ASIC miner is reliable equipment that has proven itself. While it may be challenging for beginners to work with such a machine, it's an excellent option for experienced miners.

Weight: 12.5 kg;

Algorithm: kHeavyHash;

Temperature Range: from 0 to +35 degrees Celsius;

Energy Efficiency: 65 W/Th;

Performance: 1 Th/s;

Power Consumption: 600 W;

Noise Level: 85 dB.

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