Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s

Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s

  • Coin Kaspa
  • Algorithm kHeavyHash
  • Hashrate 21 Th/s
  • Energy
    3150 W
Profitability calculation Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s
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February 2024 marked the release of the Antminer Ks3 miner from Bitmain, and in March sales of the new generation Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s asics will start, which surpass the Ks3 in many characteristics. If in the manufacturer's products of miners for bitcoin mining, energy saving in new lines was increased to 20%, then the energy efficiency of Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s is 2.5 times higher than the previous asic.

Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s Specifications

The Ks5 Pro miner is a high-performance mining equipment that has become a revolutionary breakthrough in the mining of Kaspa (KAS) coins. The device mines on the KHeavyHash algorithm. The Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s asic has an optimized architecture and advanced chips, which, together with a power of 3150 W and a hashing speed of 21 terahashes per second, allows it to achieve high performance while minimizing electricity consumption.

The asic processor is cooled by an air system with powerful fans. The miner's design is developed for stable and reliable operation in difficult conditions and for continuous mining. It is specially created for the extraction of the Kaspa coin, the potential of which is actively increasing among cryptocurrencies.

Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s Profitability

It is difficult to calculate the exact profitability of Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s. This parameter depends on:

  • The rate of the mined coin;
  • The cost of electricity;
  • Network complexity.

The location of the equipment is also important. Based on the characteristics of the Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s miner, it makes a lot of noise during operation - up to 75 dB, so it is not suitable for home use. An exception is if the house has a special room, soundproofed and with the possibility of heat pollution, or if there is a submersible cooling tank, then this prevents the inconvenience from the sound of the working and heating equipment.

If you have your own non-residential premises, the payback period of the asic will be reduced. In the absence of such a place, you will have to add the costs of renting premises or the services of data centers when calculating profitability.

Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s Calculator

You can calculate the profitability of Antminer Ks5 Pro with a hashrate of 21 Th/s manually, using special formulas, or use an online calculator. These are programs that allow you to quickly calculate the approximate profit from mining on the Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s asic. Using the calculator is simple - just enter the cost of the miner, the current network complexity, the price of electricity and the hashrate of the equipment in the provided fields.

Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s Power Consumption

The Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s asic has a power consumption of 3150 W. The manufacturer focuses on the requests of miners regarding the energy efficiency of devices, therefore it presents equipment with optimal performance and energy efficiency of 150 J/Th. This allows you to mine KAS with minimal energy costs.

In the InterHash store, you can order the Antminer Ks5 Pro 21 Th/s device at loyal prices. The service meets the miners halfway and, in addition to a direct purchase, offers to purchase asics in installments and leasing. All equipment is guaranteed.

Hashrate: 21 Th/s

Algorithm: KHeavyHash

Power Consumption: 3150 W

Coin: Kaspa

Cooling Type: Air

Energy Efficiency: 150 J/Th

Temperature Range: 5-45°C

Interface: Ethernet

Noise Level: 75 dB

Weight: 16.1 kg

Dimensions: 195 x 290 x 430 mm

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