ASICs profitability ranking for Zcach

Profit (24 h)
Bitmain Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol/s Equihash 840 kh/s 2554 W
4.52 USD 0.00016442 BTC
Bitmain Antminer Z9 Mini 10 Ksol/s Equihash 10 kh/s 300 W
-0.590 USD 0.00000196 BTC
Bitmain Antminer Z9 42 Ksol/s Equihash 42 kh/s 1150 W
-2.230 USD 0.00000823 BTC
Innosilicon A9++ 140 Kh/s Equihash 140 kh/s 1550 W
-1.940 USD 0.00002744 BTC
- ASICminer Zeon 180 Kh/s Equihash 180 kh/s 2200 W
-2.990 USD 0.00003527 BTC
Bitmain Antminer Z11 135 Ksol/s Equihash 135 kh/s 1418 W
-1.690 USD 0.00002646 BTC
Bitmain Antminer Z15 420 Ksol/s Equihash 420 kh/s 1512 W
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What is Zcash

Zcash is a cryptocurrency launched in 2016. It was developed by researchers at the University of Luxembourg Hovratovi and Bürikov. Its key difference from BTC is a relatively simple algorithm underlying the blockchain. Therefore, ZEC mining is possible even now on video cards of almost any price category (except for integrated solutions). The calculation time of a block is only 4 minutes. But it is much more profitable to mine ZEC exactly on Asics. Moreover, even low-cost models are suitable.

Advantages of Zcash

This cryptocurrency is one of the most popular at the moment. Its direct exchange is available at all cryptocurrency exchanges. The key advantages of the token are:

  • a huge number of pools for mining;
  • steadily increasing cost of the token (in parallel with the increase in the complexity of mining ZEC);
  • a wide range of equipment, which can be used for mining;
  • a simple algorithm that allows mining even if you have an advanced farm.
The only nuance to be mentioned is that the mining software is officially available only for Linux distributions. Of course, there are ports for Windows systems, too, but they are provided by third-party developers.

What algorithm is used and how to mine

The cryptocurrency is formed on a simple Equihash algorithm. The Proof-of-Work protocol is used for proof, meaning that rewards are accrued for «servicing» the blockchain through the provision of its settlement capacity.

It is due to the simplicity of ZEC mining that the token algorithm is compatible with all modern video cards and Asics. The emphasis is on computing power. So you can use a GPU even with 1-2 gigabytes of RAM (optimally from 3 or 4 GB).

Popular open pools that you can join to earn Zcash:

  • Suprnova;
  • CoinMine;
  • NanoPool;
  • FlyPool.

Each of them provides mining software also on Windows systems.

The most popular ZEC mining Asics

The best ZEC miners according to the community.

  1. Antminer Z15. At 1.5kW, the hash rate reaches 420000 h\s. Even with the current exchange rate, which sagged significantly after 2018, this will bring in about $12 a day.
  2. ASICminer Zeon 180K. An Equihash-only oriented asic, released back in 2018. Its distinctive feature is a low noise level even at critical loads (only up to 45 dB). Zcash asics of this manufacturer are among the most popular today. With a consumption of 2.2 kW, the hash rate is 180000 H\s.
  3. Antminer Z11. The hash rate is 135000 H\s, consumption is 1,4 kW. But it is quite massive and noisy, although it is based on 12 Nm chips.
  4. INNOSILICON Equihash A9+ ZMaster. An asic for Zcash from the budget price category. Consumption –1.5 kW, hash rate – 120,000 H\s.

You have to realize that even the simplest ZEC asics start at 150-180 thousand rubles. And if you do not have enough money to buy equipment, you can consider the option of cloud mining. That is, to rent an asic. Even if the ZEC price drops, you can always switch to mining Bitcoin Gold or ZClassic.

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