Antminer Z11 135 Ksol/s

Antminer Z11 135 Ksol/s

  • Coin Zcash
  • Algorithm Equihash
  • Hashrate 135 kh/s
  • Energy
    1418 W
Profitability calculation Antminer Z11 135 Ksol/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Antminer Z11 135 Ksol is a high-performance technique for mining tasks. This device is ideal for both beginner miners and experienced players in the cryptocurrency market. The miner perfectly combines compactness and performance.

Antminer Z11 135 Ksol Parameters

The characteristics of the Antminer Z11 135 Ksol are characterized by high indicators. The equipment demonstrates very good energy efficiency - 10.5 W/Ksol. This device has a price that is typical of the middle segment of mining devices, but its functionality is almost at the level of flagship cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Antminer Z11 135 Ksol device perfectly combines high performance and optimal power consumption, and will be a universal solution for both an individual miner and a cryptocurrency farm. Dimensions of the asic - 133x245x290 mm.

It should be noted that this equipment produces a low level of noise during operation, but for comfort you can provide soundproofing of the room where the farm is located, or place the device in a separate room away from residential buildings. This will be especially useful if there are long-term plans to expand production capacity for mining.

Yield of Antminer Z11 135 Ksol

The yield of Antminer Z11 135 Ksol does not have a fixed value. It can be as little as 2 cryptocurrency coins per day or as much as five or more. Earnings depend on what cryptocurrency is mined by the miner, as well as the current rate on the cryptocurrency exchange.

You should also take into account the tariff for electricity, the cost of renting a room for the farm, periodic costs for repair and replacement of parts of the device. Potential costs should also include repair services if the miner does not have the appropriate skills.

Antminer Z11 135 Ksol Calculator

The miner calculator helps to calculate with perfect accuracy how much the purchased equipment will pay off for the company, how much money will have to be spent on electricity, and how much income the miner will be able to achieve after a certain period of time of mining.

To use the calculator to calculate the work with Antminer Z11 135 Ksol, you should carefully fill in all the data fields. Then the algorithms will independently calculate the earning trends of the cryptocurrency farm in the short and long term, thus fulfilling the role of a business analyst for the miner. There are a huge number of online calculators on the Internet, each user will be able to choose a suitable resource for calculation.

Power consumption of Antminer Z11 135 Ksol

The consumption level of this device is quite high, so the manufacturer has implemented a special system that will help the miner to save on electricity costs. It is recommended to follow the calculations of the online calculator to avoid paying for overconsumption of electricity, as well as to find a favorable tariff for payment.

Information about the power consumption of Antminer Z11 135 Ksol is available on the website of the manufacturer of the asic, as well as in the technical documentation that comes with the device when you buy it. You should also keep the warranty card, this will help to return or exchange the technique in case of malfunctions in its operation.

Energy efficiency: 10.5 W/Ksol;

Algorithm: Equihash;

Weight: 5.9 kg;

Energy Consumption: 1417.5 W;

Cooling system: air cooling;

Noise level: 35 dB;

Temperature range: +20 to +50°C;

Cryptocurrency: ZEC.

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