Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol/s

Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol/s

  • Coin Zcash
  • Algorithm Equihash
  • Hashrate 840 kh/s
  • Energy
    2554 W
Profitability calculation Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol is an equipment popular among users. The device, created by ASIC technology, is in demand due to good performance. The developers of the Bitmain company created an asic, characterized by technical features and an affordable price. The equipment is characterized by sufficient efficiency, thanks to which ZEC coins, and other cryptocurrency are mined by applying the Equihash algorithm. With the help of high overclocking performance and hashrate 840 Ksol maximizes mining efficiency and profitability.

Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol parameters

The hardware is based on powerful Samsung chipsets with a 5-nanometer processor for optimal energy efficiency and low heat generation. The miner features an updated controller and interface with easy navigation and control. It is easy to monitor the performance of the miner. The price of Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol may vary. Such a feature depends on the currency exchange rate and the demand for bitcoin.

The device has the following parameters: 133x245x290 mm. The body of the equipment is made of stainless metal - aluminum. This feature influenced the fact that in the asic Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol improved characteristics. Thanks to this, temperature spikes, high humidity and mechanical influences do not affect the power and performance of the device.

The manufacturer gives a warranty on the miner - 1 year. If a factory failure is detected, the buyer has the right to return the product for free elimination of the problem. Energy efficiency of the device 3.04 W/Ksol is responsible for its high power and saving power consumption.

Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol profitability

A miner's earnings depend on the amount of time he or she spends working with an asic. For Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol, it is recommended to calculate the profitability taking into account different factors: the cost per kilowatt of electricity, the exchange rate of electronic coins and the price of renting a room for mining. According to research, the payback period of the equipment is reached in 2-3 years.

Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol Calculator

The profitability of using the Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol is calculated using an online calculator. The program is designed in such a way that you don't need to think about which formulas to substitute - everything is done automatically. To use the Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol calculator for the Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol asic, you need to enter the data of the model of the miner, the cost of electricity, the name of the cryptocurrency. The software independently calculates the average daily, monthly or annual income. It is recommended to include the cost of renting a room.

Consumption of Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol

The Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol crypto coin mining equipment has a consumption of 2553.6 ± 5% W. This is the average value when the built-in economy mode is enabled. Thanks to this option, you can save money on electricity bills.

You can buy Antminer Z15 Pro 840 Ksol and mine cryptocurrency profitably in the online store. In the catalog on the website, you can also choose other models of high-performance ASICs for quick profits.

  • Energy efficiency: 3.04 W/Ksol;
  • Capacity: 840 Ksol;
  • Weight: 5.9 kg;
  • Noise level: 75 dB;
  • Cooling system: air;
  • Energy Consumption: 2553.6 W;
  • Temperature range: 0 to +40;
  • Algorithm: Equihash;
  • Cryptocurrency - ZEC.

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