• Coin Zcash
  • Algorithm equihash
  • Hashrate 140 kh/s
  • Power
    1550 W
Profitability calculation INNOSILICON A9++
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

The Innosilicon A9++ asic, which runs on the Equihash algorithm, is designed for mining ZCash (ZEC) cryptocurrency and other altcoins based on this protocol – ZenCash (ZEN), ZClassic (ZCL), Hash. This is a high-performance miner with moderate power consumption. If you decide to buy Innosilicon A9++, it is worth studying its specifications, advantages and features.

Technical Specifications

The main operating parameters of the A9++ asic:

  • algorithm – Equihash;
  • performance (hash rate) – 140 kilos per second (50 TH/s);
  • power consumption – 1550 W/h;
  • power supply – included in the kit;
  • cooling – two built-in fans;
  • operating temperature range – 0...+45oC;
  • noise level – 80 dB;
  • weight – 11 kg;
  • dimensions – 36 x 25 x 15,5 cm;
  • cryptocurrency – Zcash.

Features and Benefits

The Equihash algorithm has characteristic features that allow one to engage in blockchain calculations both on a regular computer and on special devices – asics with integrated circuits. In the second case, calculations are made instantly but require significant power consumption. However, Innosilicon's new development partially solves this problem – the A9++ model features reduced power consumption compared to previous modifications.

The Innosilicon A9++ is a high-power dual miner that is significantly higher in performance than any card. According to experts, it is the highest-yielding miner of the A9 series.

The asic has a built-in power supply and a powerful cooling system with two fans located at different ends of the case. This does not allow the warm air to stagnate in the area of the working nodes.


The profitability of the Equihash miner directly depends on the value of the cryptocurrency you are mining. Parameters such as the cost of electricity in your area, as well as the pool you are working with, also matter.

Each community of miners has its commissions and profit-sharing rules. To choose the best pool for your needs, you can use the help of our website.

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