ASICs profitability ranking for Dash

Profit (24 h)
Bitmain Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s X11 1770 Gh/s 2839 W
-1.640 USD 0.00007747 BTC
Bitmain Antminer D3 15 Gh/s X11 15 Gh/s 1200 W
-2.840 USD 0.00000066 BTC
Innosilicon Innosilicon A5+ 65 Gh/s X11 65 Gh/s 1500 W
-3.410 USD 0.00000285 BTC
Bitmain Antminer D5 119 Gh/s X11 119 Gh/s 1566 W
-3.410 USD 0.00000521 BTC
Spondoolies Spondoolies SPx36 540 Gh/s X11 540 Gh/s 4400 W
-8.980 USD 0.00002363 BTC
FusionSilicon FusionSilicon X7 262 Gh/s X11 262 Gh/s 1300 W
-2.350 USD 0.00001147 BTC
StrongU StrongU STU-U6 440 Gh/s X11 440 Gh/s 1300 W
-1.830 USD 0.00001926 BTC
Bitmain Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s X11 1286 Gh/s 3148 W
-3.790 USD 0.00005626 BTC
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What is Dash

Dash is a fork of Bitcoin. It was launched back in 2014. Initially, it was called «Dark Coin», but later the token was named Dash. This cryptocurrency was expected to become no less popular than Bitcoin. It failed to do so, but still, now Dash is actively traded on all popular cryptocurrency exchanges. What is the best ASIC for DASH? And how actual is still the mining of these tokens?

Mining complexity

Dash uses the X11 algorithm. It is based on 11 separate algorithms, which protect the system from possible hacking. Initially, it was possible to mine coins even on home processors. But already in 2015, it was profitable to mine only on video cards. And now it is only on Asics.

The difficulty of mining is medium. Due to the use of the X11 algorithm, the cost of Asics and their power consumption for mining dash is relatively small. That is why the coin attracts many newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies.

It should be mentioned that initially, mining dash was not possible on Asics. Because the token uses its unique X11 algorithm. Naturally, Chinese companies released the first compatible Asics back in 2016. This may be the reason why the popularity of Dash remains at a high level even now.

It should also be noted that the amount of remuneration in the network depends on the current complexity. That is, it is not fixed and is constantly growing. That is why Dash mining will remain relevant until the last token is issued. Interest in the coin from potential users is not lost, as transactions in the network are fast, the commission is minimal, and the generation of a new block takes 150 seconds. Some Chinese owners of large farms even do solo mining. Naturally, this is an option for those who can afford to install at least 20 modern Asics under X11.

Best ASICs for Dash mining

ASICs that are best suited for Dash mining.

  • Antminer D7. This is currently the most productive option to work with X11. With a power consumption of 3.4 kW, the performance is 1,289 Gh/s. This means that the device will mine more than $15 worth of cryptocurrency every day. It's big, it's noisy, it's flexible. But there is no problem with warranty service.
  • Spondoolies SPx36. Possible to mine dash and a whole range of other cryptocurrencies because of the wide support of algorithms. But consumes 4.4 kW, giving a hash rate of 540 Gh/s.
  • StrongU STUU6. When released in 2019, this ashik was the most productive of all those running X11. Consuming 2.1 kW, it delivers performance at 440 Gh/s. But there is a minus: it is very loud because of the two huge fans cooling the board.
  • FusionSilicon X7. These are inexpensive Dash Asics. At 1.3 kW it produces a hash rate of 262 Gh/s. Not a bad option for a home farm, but they don't make new ones anymore. But from time to time on thematic forums, there are rumors that the manufacturer is preparing an updated version for X11.
  • Antminer D5. It is a comprehensively modified version of D3 from Bitmain. Completely oriented to working with X11. Although this ashik was released back in 2018, it remains relevant. With a consumption of 1.5 kW, it has a hash rate of around 119 Gh/s.
  • INNOSILICON A5+. We can say that it is the easiest X11 miner to use today. The previous version A5 is no longer relevant and is not designed for the current complexity of the network. The device is very noisy, so it would be problematic to place it at home. The power consumption is 1500 W, the hash rate is 65 Gh/s. There are a lot of offers to buy such used Asics. But, not having proper experience in checking such equipment, such deals are better avoided.

What miners are better not to use

If you are guided by the reviews of experienced miners, it is better not to use Asics from Baikal, on the type of BK-G28. Firstly, the percentage of defects among such devices is very high. Secondly, the manufacturer does not provide a post-warranty service.

And it makes no sense now to buy the very first miners for Dash, released in 2016-2018. They are not designed for the current complexity of the network. These include, for example, the Innosilicon A5.

So, the best way to mine Dash now is on the Asics. And, if you don't have available finances, you should consider cloud mining. There is a low entry threshold, there is no need to worry about equipment maintenance – all this will be done by qualified specialists.

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