Antminer D3 15 Gh/s

Antminer D3 15 Gh/s

  • Coin Dash
  • Algorithm X11
  • Hashrate 15 Gh/s
  • Energy
    1200 W
Profitability calculation Antminer D3 15 Gh/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Antminer D3 with a hash rate of 15 Gh/s is developed by Bitmain Technologies, which is one of the leading manufacturers of ASIC miners in the world. Bitmain endeavors to ensure reliable performance of its devices while following the maintenance instructions.

The price of Antminer D3 15 Gh/s is quite restrained. This is due to the fact that the model is not of the current year. This factor makes the device affordable for a large number of users.

Antminer D3 15 Gh/s parameters

Antminer D3 is designed for mining cryptocurrency Dash, DigitalNote, Monero using the X11 algorithm.

The purchase comes with a 1-year warranty against factory defects. The device has a passive cooling system, which consists of two fans. The fans are located on the back of the miner and provide air circulation inside the case. To avoid overheating, the asic should be installed in a cool room. You can also use additional fans to improve cooling. To the advantages, users include a high hash rate, low price and ease of customization.

Profitability of Antminer D3 15 Gh/s

Miners claim that the profitability of Antminer D3 15 Gh/s can be defined as average. This figure is influenced by the following factors: the hash rate of the miner (a high hash rate means more coins mined), the complexity of the Dash network (it is constantly changing and affects how difficult it is to mine blocks), the reward per block, and electricity costs. If the user is paying rent, these costs need to be factored in as well.

Antminer D3 15 Gh/s Calculator

To accurately calculate the profitability of a miner, you can use an online calculator for Antminer D3 15 Gh/s. These can be sites like WhatToMine or CoinWarz. By entering the parameters of your miner, including hash rate, power costs, you will get the desired calculation for a year, month or day.

Antminer D3 15 Gh/s consumption

Antminer D3 with a hash rate of 15 GH/s consumes 1200 W of electricity during one hour of continuous operation.

Power consumption varies depending on various factors, including environmental conditions and miner settings. You can reduce this figure by following the tips of professional users. First, make sure that the asic is in a well-ventilated place and that the cooling systems are working properly. Overheating can lead to increased power consumption. Clean the fans and cooling elements regularly. You can reduce the frequency and voltage of the miner. Experiment with settings to find the best balance between efficiency and power consumption.

You can also configure lower power consumption modes of operation. Check for malicious programs or processes running on the miner that could increase its power consumption. Perform regular maintenance on your miner to keep it in good condition.

You can buy Antminer D3 15 Gh/s from the online store. You can check out other models with good performance and high payback on the website.

Capacity: 15 Gh/s;

Energy consumption: 1200 W;

Noise level: 75 dB;

Size: 320x 125 x 190 mm;

Weight: 5.5 kg;

Cooling: air cooling;

Built-in fans: 2 pcs;

Power: 220 V, 50 Hz;

Currency: Dash, DigitalNote, Moner;

Algorithm: X11;

Temperature range: 0 to +40 ℃.

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