Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s

Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s

  • Coin Dash
  • Algorithm X11
  • Hashrate 1286 Gh/s
  • Energy
    3148 W
Profitability calculation Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s
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The Antminer brand regularly delights users with high-quality and reliable mining equipment. The new word from Bitmain is Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s. This model is an innovative ASIC-miner for obtaining decent amounts of cryptocurrency on the X11 algorithm. It compares favorably with its predecessors with a mobile design, more advanced parameters and practicality.

Design features of Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s

When developing the Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s, the design team's goal was to create a reliable, practical gadget in the mid-range price range that runs on the X11 algorithm. This goal was achieved.

The model is a small compact block of elongated shape in an aluminum case with hydrocooling and intuitive control system. The asic is insensitive to external influences, temperature fluctuations, protected from dirt and moisture in the internal components of the device.

This model is characterized by a low noise level due to the absence of an air conditioning system. It is equipped with special ASIC chips and supports optimal hash rate. The interface allows you to easily customize the desired parameters of power, energy consumption and cryptocurrency. This combination of parameters guarantees stable operation of the gadget at any level of loads.

Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s yield rate

The dynamics of cryptocurrency, the performance parameters of the miner and the amount of power consumption determine the profitability of Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s. Taking into account these indicators, the model seems to be very promising. Calculations show that the device is able to bring consistently high profits for several years. Careful monitoring of the dynamics of the exchange rate and timely reaction to changes will significantly increase profits, and Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s will help in this.

Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s Calculator

Today's formulas and online technology can give you a pretty accurate prediction of the profitability of a device before you even buy it. The Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s online calculator program takes into account the complexity of mining operations, the volatility of the cryptocurrency exchange rate, the amount of overhead costs for the purchase, installation and maintenance of the equipment. In addition, it is possible to compare the parameters of similar miners. The result will help you make sure that you are choosing the Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s correctly and that it is profitable to purchase it.

Antminer D7 power consumption 1286 Gh/s

With a power supply capacity of 3148.128 W, energy efficiency of 2.448 W/Gh and the ability to connect to a regular 220V mains supply, the device is one of the most cost-effective miners on the market. The built-in energy saving system allows you to regulate the consumption of Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s and increase the profitability of the device.

The unique characteristics of the Antminer D7 1286 Gh/s model make it a very popular tool for getting high profits from cryptocurrency of different types. In the catalogs of specialized online stores there are various miners. However, this model stands out favorably against their background and will be a reasonable purchase not only for experienced miners, but also for those who are taking their first steps in the crypto industry.

Software: X11;

Performance: 1,286 Gh/s;

Energy Efficiency: 2,448 W/Gh;

Power Consumption: 3148,128 W;

Cryptocurrency: Dash;

Temperature range: 5 - 40°C;

Cooling system: air;

Dimensions: 57 x 31.6 x 43 cm;

Weight: 14 kg.

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