Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s

Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s

  • Coin Dash
  • Algorithm X11
  • Hashrate 1770 Gh/s
  • Energy
    2839 W
Profitability calculation Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s
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Among the proven devices designed for mining different types of cryptocurrency, it is worth highlighting the Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s asic. At the heart of its work is the X11 algorithm. This is a really modern development, presented by Bitmain, which was able to realize in practice a device with high efficiency and performance itself. This provides an opportunity for miners to get different types of cryptocurrency with the highest possible speed. The price of Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s with us will be very affordable for every potential buyer who wants to realize a really profitable mining.

Features of the Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s

When considering the Bitmain Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s, it is worth noting that the device has an optimized system designed for high-quality and fast cooling, as well as an advanced processor. This allows you to get good returns, as it is facilitated by high performance and efficiency.

A good operating temperature of the asic is ensured due to the fact that the device has a fairly robust and reliable housing. Therefore, even with intensive use, it will always remain stable. A clear and well thought-out interface is provided for management, which helps to easily manage the process of mining and customize the device if necessary.

Yield of Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s

The Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s yield of the Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s from the mining process is one of the most important criteria to consider when buying an Asic. It is quite difficult to talk about the exact daily profit figures, as this amount will directly depend on the market conditions that are offered in a certain period of time. It is recommended to calculate this figure directly in real time, taking into account all actual additional costs, in addition to the payback of the Antminer D9 Asic.

Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s Calculator

Nowadays, to calculate the actual profitability of cryptocurrency mining, there is no need to use various complex formulas on your own. You can use the Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s calculator for this purpose. There is a fairly large selection of various online calculators available on the Internet.

The process of using such calculators is intuitive and simple, because for this purpose in a special field you need to specify the specific model of the asic, the digital coin for which the mining takes place, as well as the cost of electrical energy. After that, the calculator will independently perform the necessary calculations and as a result will display the possible profit that the miner can get for a day or any other period of time.

Consumption of Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s

If you decide to buy Antminer D9 1770 Gh/s, you should pay attention to its consumption figures, which are 2839.08 W. This figure is quite average, but it gives you the opportunity to get good savings. Therefore, you can confidently favor the presented asic designed for cryptocurrency mining.

Energy efficiency: 1,604 W/Th;
Performance: 1,770 Gh/s;
Algorithm: X11;
Weight: 16.1 kg;
Dimensions: 43 x 19.5 x 29 cm;
Power consumption: 2839.08 W;
Operating temperature: 5 to 45 degrees.
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