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TOP 5 Profitable Devices
Profit (24 h)
1 Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s Scrypt 0.18 Gh/s 235 W
-0.520 USD 0.00000070 BTC
2 X5 0.85 Gh/s Scrypt 0.85 Gh/s 990 W
-1.140 USD 0.00001955 BTC
3 XS6 1.78 Gh/s Scrypt 1.78 Gh/s 1670 W
-3.570 USD 0.00000695 BTC
4 LT5 2.05 Gh/s Scrypt 2.05 Gh/s 3100 W
-6.930 USD 0.00000800 BTC
5 LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s Scrypt 2.46 Gh/s 2080 W
-4.380 USD 0.00000960 BTC

To make money from mining digital assets, you don't need much - a desire to mine, a little free time and quality equipment. You should choose the equipment very carefully, not only analyzing the parameters of the devices, but also assessing the reputation of the brand. A worthy competition to the world-famous brands can be GoldShell - a manufacturer from China with a growing number of positive feedback from fans of mining in pools and solo. Its developments are chosen primarily by fans of mining Kadena and other promising tokens. The assortment is wide enough that a user with any preferences can find a suitable asic. GoldShell prices are much lower than BITMAIN and similar companies, so the demand for the products of the developing brand is steadily growing.

Company Info

It is a relatively young brand that first introduced its developments in 2017. The GoldShell office is located in Shanghai - that is where the management and the main team of specialists are located. There are also open divisions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Hangzhou. An important part of the company's activities is scientific research, in which about 70% of employees are involved. Most of the creators of asics have been working in the field of integrated circuits for more than ten years. The company functions as a single mechanism in which each process is assigned a responsible person - this approach allows you to achieve high labor productivity and produce powerful devices for mining without defects. 

To increase the number of people willing to buy GoldShell equipment and improve the quality of technical support, the company took care of creating accounts in popular social networks. In addition, the manufacturer is actively involved in the development of cryptocurrency infrastructure, sending representatives to global exhibitions and conferences related to the future of the blockchain.

What hardware GoldShell offers                               

Trying to meet the needs of different categories of miners, GoldShell has released several series of devices that vary in hash rate, power consumption and cost. There are models for home crypto mining and for launching full-fledged mining farms - the buyer only needs to study the catalog and choose the best product in terms of performance ratio. The main series of equipment:

  • BOX - the optimal option for beginners who do not have a significant budget and want to try their hand at mining;
  • Lite - powerful enough asics in the middle price range;
  • Professional - high-performance modifications designed for experienced miners who form farms and are ready to make large investments. 

Among the supported algorithms are Blake2S, Scrypt, Eaglesong and others. You can determine the profitability of GoldShell using a special calculator - the indicator will depend on the asic modification and its power, the type of mining (pool or solo), the selected algorithm and the cost of electricity.

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