Goldshell LT5

  • Coin Litecoin
  • Algorithm scrypt
  • Hashrate 2.05 Gh/s
  • Power
    2080 W
Profitability calculation Goldshell LT5
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Goldshell is one of the leading manufacturers of asic-mainers. The devices of this brand are characterized by extreme reliability and high performance. Before you buy Goldshell LT5, you should study the characteristics and features of this miner.

Technical Specifications

Let's list the main parameters of the LT5 miner from Goldshell:

  • works on the Scrypt algorithm;
  • coins: Litecoin, Dogecoin;
  • hash rate: 2.455 GH/s;
  • power consumption: 3 100 W;
  • noise level: 80 dB;
  • operating temperature range: 0...+35°C;
  • weight: 9.31 kg;
  • dimensions: 37x26x43 cm.


The main advantage of the miner experts believes the high quality of the integrated circuit - the central element of the equipment for calculations. The chip is designed for long-term operation and shows a high degree of reliability.

Asik Goldshell LT5 is chosen by those who are engaged in mining altcoins LTC and DOGE, as well as other cryptocurrencies operating on the Scrypt algorithm. This protocol is characterized by high transaction speed and scalability.

The model was released in March 2021 - for computing hardware, a period of more than a year is considered quite impressive, but even now the device shows excellent results in terms of performance.

The design of the ASIC LT5 is not original - all decisions are subordinate to functionality and contribute to the execution of tasks on a long-term basis. The device is equipped with two powerful coolers built into the back of the device. The power supply is cooled by two more fans, but smaller.


The level of profitability is a variable value since it primarily depends on the market situation, as well as the cost of electricity in the region of cryptocurrency mining. If you calculate the average parameters, it turns out that the miner has a yield of about $130 per month when mining LightCoin, but changes in the rate can at any time increase or decrease this figure. DOGE mining shows higher profitability results - they reach $14 per day without taking into account electricity costs.

On our website, you can find out the price of LT5 ASIC, as well as choose the best pools to connect to.

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