BW L21 0.55 Gh/s

BW L21 0.55 Gh/s

  • Coin Litecoin
  • Algorithm Scrypt
  • Hashrate 0.55 Gh/s
  • Energy
    950 W
Profitability calculation BW L21 0.55 Gh/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

The easiest way for beginners to earn in the cryptocurrency world is through mining. It doesn't require complex setups or advanced and expensive equipment. All you need is a good ASIC, such as the BW L21 0.55 Gh/s. It offers an excellent balance of price and quality, holds all necessary certifications, and boasts reliable hardware.

The miner operates without overheating and maintains stable performance. Its profitability is quite high, even when compared to more high-end models. The operational characteristics of the BW L21 0.55 Gh/s are also quite impressive, making it a solid choice for miners.

BW L21 0.55 Gh/s Price

The price of the BW L21 0.55 Gh/s is relatively low, especially considering the device's specifications. There is no significant markup compared to more renowned manufacturers in the market, ensuring that you won't overpay when purchasing it.

If you're ready to place an order and want to know the exact cost of the miner, check the price list for the latest prices on the BW L21 0.55 Gh/s and many other models. This will help you make a final decision on your purchase.

BW L21 0.55 Gh/s Specifications

The BW L21 0.55 Gh/s model was introduced to the market back in 2017 but is still in use due to its stability, performance, and energy efficiency. Token mining is achieved through the Scrypt algorithm, limiting the available currencies for mining to Litecoin and DOGEcoin. However, these are well-traded currencies with decent market rates.

The miner's casing is designed for placement even in tiny rooms, making it compact and lightweight. It operates quietly, and noise won't be a significant issue. Another noteworthy feature of the BW L21 0.55 Gh/s is its profitability, a crucial factor to consider before making a purchase.

BW L21 0.55 Gh/s Profitability

Deciding whether to mine cryptocurrency with a particular device should be based on a crucial factor. Regardless of whether you choose a GPU miner, ASIC chipset, or cloud mining, the most relevant criterion to consider is the profitability of the method. The same applies to the BW L21 0.55 Gh/s.

A high-quality chipset ensures a stable level of profitability for the BW L21 0.55 Gh/s. It's challenging to predict exactly how much you will earn over a specific period, considering the many factors involved. However, you are likely to recoup the miner's cost within the first year or even six months of operation.

If you want more information and data based on your metrics, use one of the free profitability calculators.

BW L21 0.55 Gh/s Calculator

By using the calculator to determine the miner's profitability, you'll get accurate calculations of token acquisition over a specific time frame, the amount of profit, and how much will go towards covering the energy costs.

The BW L21 0.55 Gh/s calculator can also estimate the approximate payback period, which is very useful.

BW L21 0.55 Gh/s Power Consumption

Want to purchase an ASIC but doubt its profitability even after using the calculator? Then you need to know its power consumption.

As specified by the developer, the BW L21 0.55 Gh/s power consumption is 950 W. Based on this information and your electricity rates, you can precisely decide whether you need the ASIC or not.

Performance: 550 Mh/s

Power Consumption: 950 W

Technical Process: 28 nm

Required Power Voltage: 12 W

Cooling System: Air Cooling

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