Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s

Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s

  • Coin Litecoin
  • Algorithm Scrypt
  • Hashrate 2.46 Gh/s
  • Energy
    2080 W
Profitability calculation Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s
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The Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s is a relatively powerful and high-performance ASIC that entered the market in 2021. Created by a reputable brand, this miner is designed for mining cryptocurrencies based on the Scrypt algorithm. Compared to previous models, it boasts a significantly increased hash rate of 2.46 Gh/s.

Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s Price

The prices for the Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s are competitive when compared to offerings from competing brands. Providing exact figures is challenging due to currency exchange rate fluctuations and model relevance. Therefore, it is recommended to inquire about the price directly before making a purchase. Comparing different models is essential to ensure that the specifications align with your requirements and that you are ready to invest in this specific ASIC.

Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s Specifications

The manufacturer specifies an energy efficiency of 1265 W/Th in the parameters, which is more than sufficient for prolonged operation without interruption. The characteristics of the Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s also include multiple coolers that constantly maintain the miner's temperature, preventing it from shutting down due to overheating. This ensures that your data and work progress are not lost suddenly.

Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s Profitability

Predicting the exact profitability of the Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s in advance is challenging and depends on several crucial factors. Firstly, it depends on how much time you are willing to spend on cryptocurrency mining. The more hours per day, the higher the income. Additionally, the profitability is influenced by the popularity and relevance of the cryptocurrency. If the cryptocurrency is in demand and current, the profit will be higher. To avoid making a wrong decision, it is best to choose equipment that allows mining various types of cryptocurrencies, providing a more versatile solution.

Also, consider that you need to pay for electricity and rent if the miner is not located in your home or apartment. All these factors directly affect net income. Therefore, it's beneficial to study reviews and real user feedback to learn more about their experiences. However, this doesn't guarantee that you will recoup all costs exactly in the same time frame.

Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s Calculator

If you don't want to spend time dealing with complex computational formulas, the Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s calculator is the ideal alternative. This is a specialized system that automatically calculates the theoretical payback time of the ASIC and the average income a user would receive per day, week, month, or year. However, it's important to note that parameters may vary, either positively or negatively, as mining cryptocurrencies and earning from them is an individual and separate story.

The calculator operates online. Simply fill out the general form with the required data. You need to specify the model, its parameters, the specific cryptocurrency, and the current electricity cost. In a matter of seconds, you will see the result on the screen.

Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s Power Consumption

As claimed by the official manufacturer, the power consumption of the miner is 2080 W. This is a practical and average characteristic. If you want to save energy, you can activate the power consumption mode. However, this will temporarily disable additional functions, leaving only the basic ones. This effectively reduces the power consumption of the Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.46 Gh/s and positively impacts net income.

Power Consumption: 2080 W

Noise Level: 80 dB

Energy Efficiency: 1265 W/Th

Performance: 2.46 Gh/s

Temperature Range: 0 to +35 degrees

Weight: 8.5 kg

Dimensions: 264 x 200 x 290 mm

Algorithm: Scrypt

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