Antminer L7 9500 Мh/s

Antminer L7 9500 Мh/s

  • Coin Litecoin
  • Algorithm Scrypt
  • Hashrate 9.5 Gh/s
  • Energy
    3425 W
Profitability calculation Antminer L7 9500 Мh/s
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Antminer L7 9500 Mh/s is a highly productive mining equipment from Bitmain in 2022-2023. The miner is designed for the mining of cryptocurrencies such as DOGE, LTC, which are gaining capitalization in the market, and other coins operating on the adaptive cryptographic Scrypt algorithm.

Features and advantages of the Antminer L7 9500 Mh/s ASIC miner

The Antminer L7 ASIC came to replace the L3 models in 2021. Its power is equivalent to 12 L3++ miners. The manufacturer used high-quality components with a high level of wear resistance.

The equipment is equipped with advanced chips with quality firmware, providing high energy efficiency and quick startup. The miner has 3 boards, with 120 chips on each. The stability of operation is ensured by the APW12 stabilizer, and for mining optimization, a "smart control" mechanism is implemented.

The miner's power consumption is 3425 W, which is relatively average. Energy savings can be achieved by activating the economy mode without significantly reducing coin mining rates. The device is intended for the mining of two promising and flexible coins, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Other cryptocurrencies mined using the Scrypt cryptographic algorithm can also be mined on it.

The miner has a built-in power supply. On both sides of the case, there are 4 fans each, with one pair working on air intake and the other on air exhaust, improving the cooling system. Maintenance involves technical cleaning no more than once every 6 months.

Profitability of the Antminer L7 9500 Mh/s ASIC miner

Calculating the profitability of the Antminer L7 9500 Mh/s ASIC miner can be done online using profitability calculators. The profitability of the equipment is influenced by the type of mined coin, the cryptocurrency exchange rate, electricity costs, pool difficulty, and expenses for rent for placing equipment in data centers or rented premises.

Advantages of buying from Ultramining

Purchasing the Antminer L7 9500 Mh/s ASIC in our store is advantageous for several reasons:

  • A wide range of products, including only the latest mining equipment innovations from trusted manufacturers;
  • Discounts are provided when purchasing several devices at once;
  • Several payment options are available without hidden fees;
  • Mining equipment can be purchased on lease or in installments;
  • Orders are shipped to any country through the customer's chosen transport company;
  • Miners are sold with a warranty of 6-12 months, depending on the model and manufacturer.

Payment for the purchase can be made in cash at the Ultramining office, non-cash, by credit card, or cryptocurrency. The store provides the buyer with several payment methods to ensure a comfortable purchasing process for expensive equipment.

Delivery is carried out in two ways – by self-pickup and through transport companies. In the first method, the order is placed online, the date and time of self-pickup are specified, and the buyer can pick up the goods from the office. When using transport companies, the delivery time is from 2 to 10 days.

Performance: 9500 Mh/s;

Algorithm: Scrypt;

Power Consumption: 3425 W;

Input Voltage: 220 V;

Coins: DOGE, LTC;

Cooling Type: Air;

Number of Fans: 4;

Energy Efficiency: 0.36 J/Mh;

Operating Temperature Range: 0 to +40°C;

Noise Level: 82 dB;

Network Interface: Ethernet;

Weight: 15 kg;

Dimensions: 195.5x290x370 mm.

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