Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s

Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s

  • Coin Litecoin
  • Algorithm Scrypt
  • Hashrate 0.18 Gh/s
  • Energy
    235 W
Profitability calculation Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s
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Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s: A Compact and Profitable Miner

Many modern miners operate on automatic chipsets, allowing them to autonomously engage in token mining. The owner's involvement is minimal; the key is to choose and connect a good miner. One such miner is the Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s from the Goldshell brand. It is quite popular and has received numerous positive reviews.

High productivity, moderate power consumption, and other characteristics of the Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s make it an excellent investment for miners of any level.

Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s Price

Among the main advantages of purchasing this particular model is its cost. The price of the Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s is within a very affordable range, suitable even for a small budget.

Unlike products from much more well-known and popular brands, Goldshell is sold without markup, positively impacting the cost of miners. You can find the exact price in the price list right now to quickly proceed with the order placement process.

Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s Specifications

The Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s is another brilliant model from the globally recognized company. Like all their ASIC chipset-based miners, it operates quietly, doesn't overheat, boasts excellent profitability, a short payback period, and consumes a moderate amount of energy. The company also pays special attention to the assembly quality and materials used for their miners, ensuring that the Mini-DOGE will serve you for many years.

In combination, these features paint a very attractive picture for prospective buyers. Its notably compact size is especially incredible – compared to huge models weighing 10 kg or more, the Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s stands out for its mobility. This is particularly advantageous if you lack space for a new large miner or if you live in a tiny apartment.

Another significant advantage is that the Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s operates very quietly – you will hardly hear it. This allows you to place it even in the bedroom.

Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s Profitability

When considering the profitability of the Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s, it is also impressive. Thanks to its high hash rate and overclocking capabilities, you will be able to recover the cost of the ASIC quite soon and start receiving a net profit.

To get precise information on potential earnings with the miner, you can use the profitability calculator. It will help calculate how many tokens you can obtain within a specific time frame and how much it will cost in terms of utility bills.

Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s Calculator

What is the purpose of the Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s calculator? Primarily, it helps make the right choice in favor of the most productive miner. If you do not check the ASIC indicators using the calculator, you might end up buying an unprofitable and unnecessary miner that will never pay off.

Consider this when choosing even such a reliable and stable model as the Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s.

Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s Power Consumption

Despite its attractive performance, some might be deterred by the power consumption of the Goldshell Mini-DOGE 0.18 Gh/s. It requires 235 W to operate, which, depending on electricity prices in the region, can be a significant hit to the wallet.

However, the profitability of the ASIC is quite high, likely more than covering all your expenses. The key is not to forget to check everything before purchasing using the calculator.

Hash Rate: 0.18 Gh/s

Power Consumption: 235 W

Energy Efficiency: 1.26 J/T

Dimensions: 264*200*290 mm

Cooling System: Air cooling

Weight: 2 kg

Noise Level: 35 dB

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