Molepool Mining Pool Review

Molepool - a professional mining pool

Many digital currency miners aspire to join the cryptocurrency community as successful miners. In the early stages of cryptocurrency development, mining could be done solo, and ASICs could function as full nodes. However, as digital coins gained popularity and competition in the niche increased, mining became significantly more complicated. The chances of finding a block with good capitalization through solo mining are extremely low, if not nonexistent. However, expenses for equipment maintenance and electricity bills remain.

To ensure stable profits from creating new blocks in the blockchain, groups of miners pool their equipment resources into one network - a pool. One successful pool is Molepool.

Features of Molepool

Molepool is a professional network for cryptocurrency mining with maximum efficiency. It has been operating since 2016. On Molepool, you can mine:

  • CLO;
  • RXD;
  • XNA;
  • KLS;
  • BCH;
  • RVN;
  • PYI;
  • KAC;
  • DGB;
  • ETC, and other currencies.

The commission for using the Molepool and account maintenance ranges from 0% to 1.5%. Thanks to optimization of the pool's code by Molepool developers, its performance in terms of task allocation to miners has increased, and the number of shares has increased by 4–7% compared to other cryptocurrency mining servers.

Functionality of Molepool

Molepool stands out for its transparent conditions and approach to participants. Those who join receive:

  • a convenient and user-friendly interface in multiple languages;
  • full network activity statistics with current power and pool difficulty graphs, payment data, and calculated blocks with blockchain node addresses;
  • digital coin price monitoring;
  • the ability to calculate future profits using a calculator.

This is general information for all Molepool group participants. However, the platform also allows miners to see their own farm statistics, including:

  • income history over specific time periods;
  • power diagrams of all miner equipment units connected to Molepool;
  • statistical tracking of found blocks;
  • received rewards and profit distribution amounts among miners;
  • block count statistics caught by specific workers.

Molepool allows miners to join the network with their mining equipment or safely rent it within the pool. Hash power rental is also possible. The Molepool calculator helps workers calculate potential profits for a specific time period in cryptocurrency mining or renting with NiceHash.

The pool operates on the SERO privacy protocol, the world's first to support smart contracts, allowing miners to issue and use cryptocurrencies in DApps. Therefore, anonymous mining is possible within Molepool without even needing registration on the platform.

Molepool Reward Systems

The pool operates in two modes - SOLO and PPLNS+.

The SOLO option means that the miner on the pool engages in solo mining. If their operations lead to finding a block and successfully confirming the transaction, they receive all the rewards.

The PPLNS+ system rewards miners based on the last N shares, not all shares in the last round. Thus, the shorter the mining session, the higher the miner's profit.

The payout threshold on the pool is adjustable, and the miner can set the minimum value themselves. When a block is found, all income is proportionally distributed among miners, but the worker who found it receives an additional bonus of 30% of the commission amount.

Molepool Features

Molepool is a network trusted by many miners. The platform is equipped with a multitude of options that make cryptocurrency mining as straightforward as possible.

  1. Analytics provision: The server provides the miner with access to graphs that show real-time data on equipment performance and hash power status.
  2. Pool manager availability: Molepool has web managers through which a miner can manage rented or owned equipment regardless of their location. A Molepool participant can simultaneously set up to 5 pools and freely switch between them at their discretion or in case of emergency situations.
  3. Mining algorithms: The pool supports the stratum network protocol, which reduces network load and increases mining productivity. The Vardiff variable difficulty function is used to optimize network traffic between the pool and miners with Molepool.

Molepool is a professional and convenient community with numerous analytical and statistical tools that make pool mining as comfortable and profitable as possible.