Prohashing Mining Pool Review

Prohashing pool for mining: reviews

Despite periodic crisis moments in the sphere of the cryptocurrency market, the prospects for its further development are still noted positively. Therefore, such activity as mining is in demand. However, over the past few years, there have been some changes in the approach to mining cryptocurrencies. For example, it is now much more common for miners to prefer collaborative activities rather than solo. Organizing it in this format is enough to choose a reliable pool that meets the requirements. Prohashing is one of the popular platforms, which receives regular reviews with high ratings, steadily holds its rating position, and continues to develop. An overview of all the features and functions offered today will help to understand whether it is worth using this particular service for mining, to predict the expected income when working at this site.

Prohashing basic data

The service was launched back in 2014, that is, at the stage of formation of the cryptocurrency market as such. Until now, this platform remains relevant, which allows you to talk about its reliability and stability. The company is regulated by the norms of the United States because the registration is carried out on the territory of this country in the state of Pennsylvania.

The site supports a variety of options for mining together and solo. Different algorithms are provided for remuneration, so each miner can set the settings according to individual preferences.

Technical features and functions of Prohashing

The following features and capabilities are currently available on the Prohashing platform:

  • Control and analysis of data from both groups of miners and those who prefer to work solo;
  • full-fledged 24/7 customer support, which is confirmed by the reviews of Prohashing;
  • a wide range of coins to choose from, with the ability to automatically switch, for example, from or to monero for higher profits;
  • portfolio targeting option;
  • availability of a referral program;
  • evaluation of miners not only by personal hash rate but also by other important criteria, such as the number of mined coins, the level of complexity;
  • hardware configuration generator system;
  • advanced algorithms for data protection, which can be used according to miners' individual preferences;
  • getting pool statistics via the WAMP protocol.

A personal cabinet offers a very convenient interface with a lot of different settings and the ability to see your statistics in real-time.

Payout system

Prohashing provides an opportunity to receive payment to a Coinbase account from which further payment is made to any card account in the local currency of the miner. The payment is made daily, there are no unreasonable delays or other problems with the remuneration reception miners, and in the responses about the service, do not note.

The service provides thresholds for payments with minimum and maximum values by default. However, it is possible to customize these figures according to the individual requirements of the user of the system. Payouts up to now are free of charge.