EMCD Mining Pool Review

EMCD pool - review: evaluating prospects and opportunities for miners

Planning to join earnings on cryptocurrency, many people consider such a direction as mining. This activity is interesting and profitable if you choose the right tools to organize all the processes. EMCD pool for mining today is one of the largest in Europe and the CIS countries, it enjoys a certain popularity. Service stands out for its optimal functionality, and reliability, making it possible for each user, even a beginner, quickly enough to delve into the nuances and start earning, performing the calculation of profit through the handy calculator EMCD.

Basic information about the company

EMCD pool is a part of EMCD Tech, which today is one of the leaders among the developers of various software for cryptocurrency mining and digital asset turnover. Given the fact that the offices are located in Hong Kong and Moscow, it is logical that miners from Russia consider this platform as one of the most promising for earning on cryptocurrency.

Technical and functional features of the EMCD mining pool platform

To have an idea of what to deal with, how simple, clear, accessible, and profitable everything will be, to begin with, you need to have general information about the company and the functionality of the platform. Here's what can be noted as the main aspects:

  • Multicurrency mining - the use of different algorithms (ethash, sha 256, x11, scrypt) allows you to mine not only BTC but also cryptocurrencies such as BSV, DASH, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC;
  • Multilingualism;
  • Great attention to technical support to the organization of the community;
  • No minimum entry threshold;
  • Daily withdrawal schedule according to miner's wish;
  • Simplicity and good platform structure;
  • Several versions of the service - it is possible to run a website, install a desktop version through the app or download EMCD on Android;
  • Automation and optimization of all mining processes due to autonomous control over the equipment without installing numerous documents;
  • High-profit margins due to built-in switching algorithms.

Regardless of the location of the miner, the EMCD pool has high-quality 24/7 user support. Tempts to use this program and the fact that the minimum withdrawal is 0 coins. That is, you can even cash out your profits in the minimum amount, regardless of the type of coins that are mined.

Registration on the platform, setting up EMCD

To perform an EMCD pool login to a personal account, you must first create your account. To do this:

  • Log in to the official website;
  • Set login, and password, and specify the current e-mail address;
  • Carefully read the terms of the user agreement, mark the consent with a special tick;
  • As soon as the account creation is confirmed by the link from the indicated email, it is necessary to go to the connection tab;
  • Specify the equipment settings for your miner, launch it;
  • Execute binding of the wallet;
  • Approximately the same sequence of actions is required if you plan to download EMCD on Android.

After completing all the basic operations, you can move on to a more detailed study of the interface. It is of particular interest even to experienced miners, because everything here is well thought out and very functional. For example, there is a statistics section. Through it, you can perform the following actions:

  • Connect farms;
  • Personally view the balance, the profitability for the period of interest (there is an EMCD profitability calculator for this);
  • Set up power (you can set your hash rate of the farm).

Through a personal EMCD account, it is possible to:

  • Create and control workers - this is a good means to increase profits;
  • Switch to day or night mode;
  • To change the password on the EMCD pool login;
  • Set up statistics on payments, and methods of payment;
  • Change notification mode, and time zones.

Given the information already laid out, the reviews of the EMCD pool for mining, and the fact that the company is not the first year, everything looks in general very attractive to use this platform to work, and to receive a stable income.

Innovations and additional opportunities to increase profitability

The company is regularly looking to attract more users to its platform. Recently, there was a promotion where miners had the opportunity to receive a higher percentage of profit due to the increased percentage of remuneration when mining LTC at certain hash rate settings.

There is also an opportunity to connect to the referral program. This way you can get additional profit in the amount from 0.05 to 0.5% of the hash rate of referrals, based on their total power.

Also, promotional codes are regularly offered, which provide the opportunity for additional profits. The statistics of charges can be seen through the EMCD pool calculator. Referral program payments are made on Fridays.

EMCD security

Through the settings section, you can generate keys with a high level of security and set up two-factor authentication to protect your account as much as possible. To do this, just follow the instructions that will be offered when you click on the appropriate button. In this process, when using the app, it is important not to forget to keep a copy of the secret key on your device to regain access to your account in case you lose your smartphone. To regain control of your account on a new device, you will need to download the EMCD pool again and follow the sequence of steps from the instructions in the data backup file.

An even simpler way to set up access is through a QR code. And it can be combined with other authentication options, which will be very useful if several devices are used simultaneously.

In general, the reviews about the EMCD pool are positive and from users from different countries. That's why this platform is worth considering as the main pool, considering not only the offered huge range of functions and several coin types but also the fast, adequate response of the support service on any questions.